Q & A 109

A person's desire to get rid of someone

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 6 March 2018


Question: What are the cause and the root cause that sometimes if a person wants a close one or a friend to leave his life, even if his wish has been fleeting after some time, somehow, that is exactly what happens?

Answer: The situation is similar to what happens when one wishes to go out of incarnation (see Q&A 29).

It is important to remember that your word is creative and to be very careful what you are saying!

Even if someone says to someone else: 'Get away from my eyes or from my life,' just like that, then it might be impossible to see him for a very long time or forever in their current incarnation.

If a person tells someone that he wants to get rid of the presence of a third person, right after he has said it, a program 'Removal of ... (the third person)' is launched. This is done with the help of a lot of very narrow specialists from the networks of the illusion, well-specialised in this area, who immediately start working on that until it happens. Then, the person who has voiced his desire automatically pays for their 'service' with his Divine energy.

All this creates a karmic burden on him – first of all, because he has lost a part of his precious Divine energy, which was assigned for the fulfilment of his life plan in the incarnation he has come to, and that can change his Path; and second of all, that creates extra karma for him because he has intervened in God's and the Lord's Providence for the other man without having such a right, if the other person has a Living and Light Soul, which in turn also affects the life plans of all his fellow men with whom it was intended to do something together, and so on.

That could happen to everyone. A person wishes something, he says it, and then he gets it to a full extent.

I AM Presence of the One