Q & A 105

Does destiny exist?

A question sent in Polish to the UNIFICATION website on 18 January 2018, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 13 March 2018


Question: Is there destiny/fate of the man planned in advance even before his birth?

Answer: Yes, a person always comes with a defined main purpose/task that his Higher I AM Presence chooses himself, on the recommendation of his Master on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light and with the approval of the Karmic Board. And the person is born in such an environment – family, kin, nation, settlement and state that would help him to accomplish this primary purpose/task/Mission for that incarnation, considering what types of karma he has, what volume and size they are, and which ones it is most beneficial to be worked off.

Once this basic framework is set, and the team of Souls who will be involved in some way in the fulfilment of that main Mission is specified, the Soul comes into incarnation.


Question: Is it possible for a person to change his life entirely through his free will or within the bounds in which his destiny allows him?

Answer: Yes – in 3 cases.

During the incarnation as a consequence of practising his free will, a person can move forward in life towards accomplishing his predefined primary purpose in a variety of ways depending on the path he will choose to take – easy, very easy and fast, medium tough, very difficult, or one that makes the completion of the assigned Mission impossible.

According to how he manifests his free will, that is what choices he makes at any moment in his life, and how he reacts when the processing of some of his negative karma starts, the person may:
blue-dotcleanse more or less karma of one type or another that he has;
blue-dotaccumulate new karma of the same kinds he already has;
blue-dotcreate completely new types of karma.

If he reacts properly from the Lord's point of view, by accepting life situations and being grateful to God and the Lord, then in the course of the karmic cleansing he achieves new Divine qualities and virtues or strengthens those that he already has.

However, if the deviation from the destiny/plan is so great as a result of the practised free will and choices made in life that the implementation of the predefined program is impossible to achieve, then the Soul suffers and the person may fall into depression, dismay and feel that his life is meaningless because nothing important is happening and there is a lack of support from Above, as there is nothing to be helped at that point. And if while being in that state a person wishes to exit from incarnation, it is very likely that someone from the networks of the illusion will rush to help him, and that really will happen (See Q&A 29).

The best thing a person can do in this case is to sincerely repent before Me – Father Presence of the One, and before his Higher I AM Presence, that is to repent before the Lord and before God, also before his Master on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light, and to demand, sincerely wish and ask for forgiveness and help to be given to him from Above so that a new program for his incarnation is assigned which will be beneficial to him in the situation he has encountered, and then to accept with Joy and the greatest Gratitude whatever happens to him. And he should repent as much and as long as necessary – until he feels relieved and that there is something to live for in this world, and that the world, the people in it and nature, which is everything, is wonderful. This means that the new plan for the rest of his incarnation has been created, there is someone to support that person on the subtle plane, there are people with whom he could connect in the material world, and the person may continue forward along his new life path.

This is the first case when destiny can be changed as an exception.

The second case is when a person focuses on the fulfilment of his main purpose/task/Mission for his current incarnation so strongly, he does so well and quickly moves towards its complete realisation that it is accomplished much earlier than previously planned. Then the person receives additional Gifts from Above and enhancement of his virtues and Divine qualities, i.e. he achieves a higher degree of perfection and purity.

In this case, it may happen so that the person has nothing more to do, and it is again possible for him to exit his incarnation earlier, but this time victoriously. In that case, for the people around it seems that the person has gone too early, in his prime, zenith, in the fullness of his powers, just having perfected so much. But in fact, this is the best for him; he has left at the right and most appropriate time and moment of his life! Because if he remains in incarnation and practices these skills, this may lead to distortion, and he may lose his achievements because a very large number of representatives from different networks of the illusion strive to get to such a pure and Light person to take away his Light, Purity and top achievements, by subjecting him to very strong temptations and exerting pressure on him in a variety of ways, until he gives in and succumbs.

In such cases, if the person remains in incarnation and his original life plan has been achieved and completed, his life plan could be changed. Then the person suddenly dashes to do something else, to the great surprise of all his relatives, and he may change his place of residence and even the country in which he lives.

Whatever happens, a person needs to accept it with gratitude to God and the Lord, for that is the best thing for him. His close relatives, friends and acquaintances need to do the same and to be ready to bless him if he decides to start something new so that his new deeds are good-fruitful in the Light Network, for the planet Earth and the Living Life of it. Also, they should tell him that they are willing to help him as much as possible if he needs their help and asks them for it.

The third case of a changed life plan happens in extraordinary situations of great danger to the lives of many lifestreams if a person decides to sacrifice himself to save them. Then there may be a premature disruption of the life plan and exiting from incarnation. And if the person manages to remain in incarnation, that is already a new incarnation for him, with a new life plan, according to the new level achieved in his development, because such an act, with which he saves something big and valuable, creates him a great amount of good karma, which is then used for his further development.

The same effect may also occur when someone helps another person, even if that is just one person, who is a carrier of a Mission with a high degree of importance, such as the survival of the whole planet, the Living Life on it and of the humankind, or giving new Knowledge and Teaching which needs to reach the people at the appropriate moment in time.

I AM Presence of the One