Q & A 107

Observing human laws

A question sent in Polish to the UNIFICATION website on 18 January 2018, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 15 March 2018


Question: Dear Father One, whether and to what extent should a person observe the 'human law'? Does the judge, by sentencing the defendant to long-term imprisonment or even to death, create negative karma for himself? Thank you!

Answer: The human law needs to be observed. If a person wants to develop spiritually, he has to be without debt to the material world and to observe the norms of behaviour in the society in which he lives and whose goods he uses. Otherwise, if a person violates the laws of the society (the state) in which he lives, but he uses the goods that it gives and creates for its members (citizens), then the person becomes its debtor. And if a person has debts in the material world, first he has to work them off, and only then can he develop in spirituality.

The person needs to be in full observance of the human law if he wants to successfully progress forward spiritually, which includes compliance with the Lord's Commandments and Laws.

However, the requirement for full observance of human laws applies:

1) in case that these laws are aimed
blue-dotat protecting universal human values,
blue-dotat the prosperity of society as a whole, and
blue-dotat the peaceful coexistence of its members.

2) also when at least one person of those who participated in the drafting and adoption of these laws:
blue-dothas an Alive and Light Soul,
blue-dotwas in the Light Network at that moment,
blue-dotfreely, by his free will, agreed to their adoption and assessed that they are Good for the members of the society to which they apply and to which he himself belongs.

If either of these two requirements is missing or both are missing, or any of the constituent parts of one of the requirements is missing, a person is free to go to live in a place where they exist. That is already a matter of personal choice.

When the members of the whole society suffer from laws which were accepted in violation of the above two requirements, all of them may turn in their temples to the Lord and to God, and:
1) First of all, repent for everything sinned by the whole nation in all times so far which has led them to the current mess and to having such rulers and legislators, and demand, sincerely wish and ask for help to be given to all of them from Above to recover the Peace, Rightfulness and Justice in their society and the care for all its members.
2) Then, all of them need to forgive with all their heart and soul these rulers and legislators for all the evil they have caused so far and which they are causing to all of them at the moment.
3) And finally, they need to thank the Lord for everything with all their heart and soul!

That means that the Spiritual Practice 'Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps' is to be done nationwide.

Then, according to their urge and the purity of the urge, according to their Faith and the Power of their Gratitude and Love towards Me – their Lord, they are given all the necessary help from Above to correct the situation in which they have all fallen.

When the above two requirements for full compliance with human laws are in place, and someone violates the laws of the society (the state) which he lives in, and is captured, tried and convicted according to these laws, then those who have captured him, those who have testified to his act and the one who is authorised to pronounce the sentence by virtue of his official position, as well as those who are working on the execution of the sentence, are without a karmic burden if they themselves are faultless in their attitude towards the offender and follow precisely the regulations of the Laws.

I AM Presence of the One