Q & A 113

Family health and happiness

A question sent to the UNIFICATION website on 29 January 2018, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 30 March 2018


Question: Is there any advice or guidance from the Lord or from my Master on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light to be given to me?

Answer: Yes, I am giving a Guidance to this man to do the following more often:
1) To tell his wife how much he Loves her with Divine Love and to do it! And as he tells her that, to look at her with the greatest tenderness and understanding towards her Light Soul, which finds it difficult in this world.
2) To tell his wife how much he values everything she does at home for him, for their home and family. And to thank her cordially.
3) To tell his wife that he is happy that they have met and are walking along the Path of life together, and she stands by him! And to hug her warmly and gently!
To tell her something she had done that day that he liked.
It would be even better if she decides to do the same for him!
Then, both of them finally to thank Me for what they wish, for example, for bringing them together as a family, to thank Me for the Teaching they receive through Rositsa Avela on the UNIFICATION website, which helped them decide to marry and thus increase their energy protection, and so on!


When a person behaves with Divine Love towards his/her family partner – be it the man or the woman, that brings joy to both of them, and thus their Divine Love is multiplied, which in turn leads to a natural increase in the immunity.

The resistance forces of the organism are strengthened many times in the people who live in a family, have a built and healthy common family aura, and in this family resides peace, understanding, joy and laughter, Divine Love flows between the spouses, and they support each other in the difficult moments of their life.

Such people are usually in good health of their physical bodies. Their health is even better when both spouses live in observance of the Lord's Commandments and Laws because this is already a family in God and before the Lord.

However, all this is true, if they are karmically clean enough and without the heavy burden of kin/family karma.

I AM Presence of the One