Q & A 114

How to bury your close ones

A question sent in Polish to the UNIFICATION website on 14 August 2018, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 8 September 2018


Question: Dear Father One, is it good from the Lord’s perspective to cremate the body of a person who has left his incarnation? Does it matter which network the person belonged to while he/she was alive?

Thank You, Dear Father One, for the answer.

Answer: Regarding the question of cremation, and how it is best from the Lord's point of view to bury the deceased – the answer may vary in different times and ages, depending on the purity of the planet, the processes that are going on, as well as in what state the human society is at that moment.

Being in the final transitional times, I abstain from giving a recommendation as times are changing faster and faster, the situation on the planet as well, including the human society itself. If I say something now, very soon it is likely to lose its relevance and even the opposite to become the preferable option.

The best recommendation is for everyone to follow what his/her heart dictates, and also according to what is customary for the place where the event happened, and according to the possibilities at the moment.

The most important care of the close ones when one makes the transition is for his/her Soul – his/her relatives to be calm so that the Soul can ascend!

I AM Presence of the One