Q & A 117

The benefit from hard work
during the New Moon and the Full Moon (during the first 3 days)

A question sent to the UNIFICATION website on 11 October 2018, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 8 November 2018


Question: While reading the answer of the Father One to Question 116 regarding the longevity of the Japanese, I was impressed by the following paragraph:
'The most long-lived are the people who have been constantly working; while working, they have been harmonious, that is in a state of Harmony, Peace and Joy during the waxing moon, and during the waning moon in the state of Joy, Peace and Harmony; they have accepted labour as part of themselves; their work has brought them joy; they were doing it with a positive attitude and with the highest quality!'
A thought came to me that when we strive to live and work in God, the movement of the energy flow during the waxing moon – Harmony, Peace and Joy, and respectively, during the waning moon – Joy, Peace and Harmony, takes place spontaneously and naturally. Is this statement true?
Thank You for the answer, Dear Father One!

Answer: Yes, the statement is true and it pleased Me, and I congratulate this wonderful Light Soul who asked this question.

Indeed, when a person lives and works in God, the movement of the energy flow within happens spontaneously and naturally. In the process of work, the person enters subsequently in the states of Harmony, Peace and Joy, when the moon is waxing, or in the states of Joy, Peace and Harmony, when the moon is waning. But if the person wishes, he can enhance these inner states of Joy, Peace and Harmony, or Harmony, Peace and Joy, by using the power of the energy flows during the new moon or the full moon.

In the first three days of the waxing moon, in the process of labour, when a person is in a more distinctive state of Harmony, Peace and Joy, the energy of creativity increases in him, and he can achieve some key insights in his life, invent something useful, create a work of art that is a Divine pattern, etc...

In the first three days of the waning moon, in the process of labour, when a person is in a more distinctive state of Joy, Peace and Harmony, the energy that supports and intensifies the purification processes increases in him, and he may come to very useful new ideas related to solving any kind of problems in his life or problems of his closest people, etc...

So, it is quite worthwhile for a person to work harder in each of these six days in a month and to thank Me with all his heart and Soul, with all his Divine Love immediately after waking up in the morning for the good opportunity:
blue dotfor growth and development while working during all the days of the waxing moon, and for the accelerated and multiplied accumulation of good karma in larger volume while working hard during the first three days of the waxing moon, which enables a faster working out of Divine qualities and virtues, or
blue dotduring the waning moon for the reduction, purification and liberation at all levels of the four lower bodies while working from all that hinders, impedes, delays and even in some cases stops the evolutionary development of man, be it:

1) a negative karma,
2) the illusory part of the person, or
3) harmful programs, encodings and blockages introduced into the person by the forces of the illusion during all his incarnations and strengthened until now.

I love you, dear children of your Heavenly Father who have Living and Light Souls! Each one of you receives help every day, and angels and other Beings of Light from the High octaves of Light are sent to you to guard you, guide you and lead you when you have asked help from Above and protection to be given to you throughout the day, and even around the clock, even from your waking up in the morning.

I bless with My Blessing all of you who:
blue dotwish to work and do it with Joy and Gratitude to Me – the Father One,
blue dotwho seek to preserve your Purity,
blue dotwho keep, multiply and Divinely multiply your Divine energy and use it wisely for good-fruitful deeds in the network of Light.

I bless each of you to be successful in all this.

And I bless each of you to make only those choices that are best for you and your close people, here and now, forever and in all times, time and half-time.

I AM Presence of the One


© Rositsa Avela

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