Q & A 120

"A time, times and a half-time" and
"Forever and in all times"

Following the publication of Q&A 117, several letters were received on the website with regards to its content; they had similar questions related to each other.


Questions: What is the difference between "forever" and "in all times"?
What is the difference between "Times, a time and a half-time"? What do they mean as words and as a whole expression?

Answer given by the Presence of the One on 12 November 2018

"Forever" is the broadest concept and it means – all the time, until the end. But in relation to man, such a long time is beyond his units of measurement. That is why in Christianity the rightly used expression is:
"Now, forever and ever."

"Now" – is here and now, the present time in which the humankind lives on this planet.

"Forever" – is the eternal time, but because the expression refers to something related to this humanity, the time cannot be eternal, and so the phrase "for ever and ever" is added.

"For ever and ever" – this is the equivalent of the expression "time and times".

The expression "in all times" contains the entire time formula for a given era, epoch, root human race, the existence of a given planet, etc., but it is shorter than the eternity of "forever".

In the Biblical time, the expression which I AM Presence of the One have given as a time formula for the 5th race and the prophets accepted and recorded it, was:
"Time, times, and half-time (half of the time)".

The "time" had already passed – since the biblical era until your year 2000 when it ended.

Then the "times" began with the opening of all 13 energy Portals and the whole humankind on the Planet Earth, in your "here and now" you live in these times. They are fast/accelerated and often changing.

The "Half-time" is the time that begins to run after the expiration of the accelerated times – this is the time that runs only to a certain moment – to the half of the time and is interrupted by the opening of a different energy portal across the whole planet that has a completely different nature and another purpose. It marks the beginning of the Great Transition of the entire planet and the humankind to the higher energy and vibrational world of the New Order of the 6th human race.

But in your present "here and now" the biblical formula of time is already different and looks like that:
"Times, time and half-time".

The reason for changing this time formula is because I AM THE UNIFIED Lord God Author and Creator of the Heavens, have Changed My Providence to this world due to the new circumstances. These circumstances were caused by the interference and the existence in your "here and now" of new for you networks of the illusion in your world that are beyond My Original Design and were created in spite of it.

Therefore, currently, this planet lacks a person who knows what exactly will happen and when; That is regardless of whatever a person thinks, reads and interpreted from any old texts, which were written so vaguely, wrapped and encoded, because of this possibility, or whatever is "suggested" to him by anyone.

"Times, time and half-time" – you can already guess what this new formula of time means, which is the current one to your present "here and now" and also refers to your "future". It means that after the expiration of the accelerated times in which you live here and now, one time will follow, which is a novelty and only after its expiration the half-time of the Great Transition will take place.

The other novelty is the events that will happen as well as the duration of these events and that time. This duration is in silence. It is impossible to be determined, as it is a variable and depends on the presence or absence of too many factors, including the human factor, which is totally unpredictable at this point in your world, and the actions of people are sometimes too far away from human logic and are even without any connection to it.

All that I have said and explained to you in these matters is enough.

I AM Presence of the One


© Rositsa Avela

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