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Multiplication and Divine multiplication

A question sent to the UNIFICATION website on 9 November 2018, and its answer, given by Presence of the One on 13 November 2018


Question: Dear Father One, in connection with the content of question and answer 117 – what is the difference between Multiplication and Divine multiplication?

Note from Rositsa Avela: On the UNIFICATION website at the bottom of the page "Spiritual work" in the article "Explanations of some words and phrases" the following explanation is given:

"Multiplication (of energy) happens in the material world.
Divine Multiplication happens in the Divine world."

Although this question has already been answered on the website, I asked the Presence of the One whether the time has come to explain more and add content to already existing answer.

Answer of Presence of the One: Yes, this answer can be supplemented.

The difference between multiplication and Divine multiplication is the type of leverage.

1. When a person performs a work in spirituality, by carrying out, for example, Spiritual Practice "Help for the planet Earth" or the Spiritual Practice "Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps to Help Prevent a Massive Nuclear Cataclysm on the Planet Earth" (See "Spiritual work" on the website) he/she creates a certain amount of good karma. This amount depends on the quality* of which a person performs the ministry, his Faith and Momentum.

2. When a person before the beginning of his/her ministry invoke his Higher I AM Presence to help him be focused during his work in spirituality and invoke his Higher I AM Presence to participate in this ministry it comes to the multiplication of the good karma that is created during the ministry.

3. When a person before the beginning of his/her ministry besides invoking his Higher I AM Presence also invokes other Ascended Beings of Light to participate in the ministry, then it comes to Divine multiplication of the good karma, that is a multiplication of higher order of magnitude, quite a different one. Each time this Divine multiplication can be different, depending on who and how many Ascended Beings of Light have responded to the invocation and have joined to participate in this work in spirituality.

The better a person prepares himself for the qualitative carrying out his/her work in spirituality, by elevating himself in energy and vibration, doing some preparatory work in spirituality – best suits his heart and helps him quickly elevate his consciousness, the more and higher order Ascended Beings of Light receive access to him and may join to participate in his ministry, when he invokes them.

Anyone of you may have noticed that when before the beginning of your work in spirituality you invoke the Ascended Beings of Light and Higher Ascended Beings of Light of various ranks and levels of the Heavenly Hierarchy of Light to join your ministry, at the beginning of the ministry felt at a certain level of elevation and then during the service the energy is increasing, you elevate yourself more and more and your ministry ends at a much higher level than it has begun, and had a completely different, much better result. This is because, depending on the level of your elevation while doing this work in spirituality, join newer and higher order Ascended Beings of Light, which further increases the common energy level of the person's ministry.

These pure and Bright Souls who carry out their ministries with greatest Joy, in Gratitude and purest Divine Love, whose hearts burn in the fire of this ever-growing Divine Love, because of the Divine Love of all Ascended Beings of Light, who participate in his ministry from the subtle plan and exchange it with each other and with the person doing the ministry, with one of their ministries, they can create a huge amount of good karma through this Lord’s multiplication. And this good karma may be much more than it is created during any group ministry in which participate people, who could eventually lower the energy level of the other participants or have a different degree of karmic burden. Benefit from such group ministries, only in the case when during their performance were taken all the measures for protecting the purity of the participants (see "Five Rules-Guidelines on the protection of Purity" in part "Spiritual work"), in most cases, it is to help people participating in them. So, everyone decides for himself how to carry out work in spirituality and what ministries to do.

I AM Presence of the One



* Explanation of Presence of the One:

The high quality of the performance of any ministry is determined:
by the prior attunement and level of elevation of the consciousness of the person at the beginning of the ministry,
by the sense of Joy fulfilling that person because he/she can be useful by carrying out that ministry, and because he performs it together with so many Ascended Beings of Light who have joined his ministry (there are always many of them!) after he invoked them and is in a common energy field with them during the ministry, and
by the overfilling him Divine Love and Gratitude to Me, the Father One, for the help that is given, and to the Ascended Beings of Light who participate with him in his ministry from the subtle plane and enable through their work to be achieved much greater Divine multiplication of energy during the ministry, and to create the possibility for much greater help given afterwards, help of a completely different magnitude.


© Rositsa Avela

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