Blessing from Presence of the One for Happy New Year 2019

1 January 2019


My Dear Children of Light,

Happy New Year 2019,

I AM Presence of the One I Bless you to be Alive, Healthy and Happy!

And that means doing all that is necessary:
blue-dotTo remain Pure, for then you will be Alive.
blue-dotTo keep and protect your Health and to improve it, which happens when you live in observance of My Commandments and Laws, in constant karmic cleansing, and then living in transformation and liberation from all harmful programs, encodings and blockages, and their harmful results and consequences. And in order to purify karmically quickly and with ease, to do the three most powerful Spiritual practices – Spiritual Practice of 12 Bows, Spiritual Practice Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps and Spiritual Practice Forgiveness, which I have given you to use exactly in these Times, Times and Halftime, until the time of the Great Transition, and even after that.
blue-dotTo be happy – Happiness is a state of your Soul and it resides in it:

1) when you reside in Gratitude to Me for everything that happens to you and that is happening at all, including to your loved ones;
2) when you are in a state of Joy, Peace and Harmony / Harmony, Peace and Joy;
3) when you are constantly working and your labour is karma-yoga, i.e.:

blue-dotgood-fruitful work in and for the Light Network;
blue-dotwork carried out in joy and
blue-dotwork in fulfilment of your current Mission given to you for that moment, which is in agreement with the main Mission of your whole embodiment and supports it.

I AM Presence of the One