Q & A 122

Sleeping during the day or at night

A question sent to the UNIFICATION website on 1 December 2018, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 3 January 2019


Question: What are the benefit and the harm of night shifts for the souls of people who have chosen to work at night?

Answer: The answer to this question may vary.

And this is so because different people belong to different energy networks, they also have a different degree of energy saturation, and are able to assimilate energies during sleep and while being awake to a varying degree. This refers to the energies of the sun, the moon, the stars, the Cosmos (i.e. your visible part of the all-embracing universe), and the universe.

When a person is in the Light Network and is Alive, and has a sufficiently pure Soul and a satisfactory degree of health, then he/she is able to receive and assimilate to some extent the energy of the cosmic bodies – the star closest to you – the sun, and the planet closest to you – the moon, and more or less, of the other close stars and planets, and also to receive information from them on the subtle plane that goes into his Soul.

The normal attunement that such a person initially has by birth is, while awake during the day, to assimilate best the energy of the sun and the nearer planets – those of the solar system in which your planet is located, but at night, while sleeping, to assimilate best the energy of the moon and the other more distant suns and planets.

The same applies with regards to receiving the information coming from and through all these stars and planets.

The purer and the more Spiritually elevated the person is, the more energy and information he/she is able to receive at the right time and then to benefit from it in life.

And when a person is sick, when he is quite karmically polluted and most of his chakras are closed and without functioning, when he has lost the purity of his Soul or has a dead Soul, when he belongs to one of the networks of the illusion, the situation in all these cases is quite different and for such a person the time for sleeping or being awake is insignificant, or rather what is significant is when the person will be able to take away more energy from people – whether during the day or at night and whether while he is awake or sleeping, according to his condition, according to the energy network to which he belongs, according to 'his abilities', etc ...

Therefore, the benefits and harm from working and being awake or sleeping and resting at night may be of a different nature and diametrically opposed in content for different people. And even for one and the same person who is a Light Being, at certain times of his life, he may work and be awake at night, and that may be Good from the Lord's point of view for him at this time, and the reasons for that might be different.

Therefore, it is important for every Living and Healthy Light person here and now, from now on:
blue-dotto be in acceptance to the diametrically opposite decisions of people, understanding that they are caused by the differences between them;
blue-dotto be without any condemnation, evaluation, opinions, suggestions and recommendations;
blue-dotto be without taking sides about anything in your world and even more – to be without getting involved in any kind of dispute or disagreement!

I AM Presence of the One