Q & A 126

Going to Mars

A question sent to the UNIFICATION website on 24 December 2018, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 11 January 2019


Question: Lord, what is this desire for going to the planet Mars? Why are people trying to get there? Is there anything we should know about this planet? Thank You, Lord, and I thank all who are helping us in Your Holy Will.

Answer: A long time ago, according to your units of measurement, there was life on Mars on the material plane. Some of the souls who lived there are currently embodied on the planet Earth, and they are attracted to Mars, thinking of it, wanting to step on it and see what is left there. And this is a completely natural urge, as they are still energetically connected to Mars because it is their original home planet.

What does a home planet mean: this is the planet on which the soul has come for its current embodiment.

What does an original home planet mean: this is the planet on which the soul went into embodiment for the first time after it was created. The soul remains energetically connected with this planet, wherever it is embodied afterwards. And it is embodied on this planet again and again to have a rest between some harder embodiments elsewhere. In such lighter embodiments, the soul feels at home, in the right place and is very happy. And when this original home planet is destroyed and does not exist at all, or has become a wasteland and is without the possibility of being inhabited on the material plane, the souls that have been into embodiment there for the first time feel lost and orphaned at the deepest level, and they strive for it, if they are close to it, as in your particular case – the Earth and Mars are located in the same solar system, and the planets are even next to each other.

My dear children of Light, at this moment on the Earth souls from so many different places in the universe have come into embodiment as never before on this planet! So, be understanding towards each person, be tolerant and, most of all, be without condemnation to anyone about anything!

I AM Presence of the One