Q & A 127

Cleaning after regaining health

A question sent to the UNIFICATION website on 4 December 2018, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 13 January 2019


Question: What are the cause and the root cause of a person’s desire to clean up the place where he lives after his/her illness when he/she has already regained health? What causes this desire to clean up?

Answer: The cause of a person’s wish to clean up his home and to do that after having just regained health is because while he was sick and there was nobody to clean his room and house, the energy stagnated on the accumulated dirt and was hindering the faster restoration of the health of the person inhabiting such premises.

And when a healthy person works in dirty premises, this stagnant energy prevents him from thinking clearly, being more productive and effective at working, and lowers his energy and vibrational level!

When a person feels better, the best thing for him is to start moving, to very well ventilate and clean the room in which he was ill, and then his entire home. Because whatever a person does on the material plane, a similar thing happens to him on the subtle plane, too. The cleaning of the space he occupies on the physical plane helps to cleanse the space around him on the subtle plane from different entities from the networks of the illusion that usually gather around the sick people to draw from their energy. For this reason, it is important in the case of more severely ill people to have someone to clean their room regularly and ventilate it to let the fresh air in more often.

Moreover, when a person is ill, his protection on the subtle plane is usually reduced or 100% down. Therefore, around the heavily ill person who is without the possibility of creating and maintaining energy protection for himself, it is good to have a light and pure person as a caregiver to protect him energetically – him and the space around him, and even to feed him with energy on the subtle plane. The latter happens when the caretaker demands, sincerely wishes and asks with all his heart and Soul, with Faith in the Lord, if such is the Lord's Holy Will, the sick person to be healed.

I congratulate the one who asked the question for his watchfulness and vigilance.

I AM Presence of the One