Q & A 128

The benefit from the harm

A question sent in Polish on 29 November 2018, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 13 January 2019


Question: Tonight, I cannot sleep again. I know that all the harm that the illusion causes me is good for me. My question is: Dear Father One, what is the benefit I can get from this situation? Thank You, Rositsa Avela! Thank You, Lord!

Answer: It is harmful when someone from the networks of the illusion prevents a person from sleeping and resting well, from being fresh and able to work when he/she wakes up, and able to create for himself a good protection during the day!

The recommendation in such cases is to do all that is necessary to stop this harmfulness by carrying out either the Spiritual practice Forgiveness in 3 Steps + gratitude to Me – the Father One, or by doing the whole Spiritual practice Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps.

Therefore, in the current case, as soon as the person recognises that he is restrained from falling asleep, he/she needs
1) to say, 'This insomnia of mine is an illusion.'
2) And immediately to start the Spiritual practice Forgiveness in 3 steps:

'Lord, I forgive with all my heart and Soul my illusory part and all the forces of the illusion that act harmfully to me at this moment and prevent me from falling asleep! I also forgive ... ' and so on to the end.

The benefit from such a situation, as in any other situation that is harmful to a person and is provoked and maintained by the forces of the illusion, is that when the person says 'This is an illusion.' and states it, i.e. when he reveals the maliciousness, it is terminated.

And even if the person himself has sinned something, when he says 'Lord, what I do is an illusion. I repent, my dear Father One! Forgive Me and help Me to stop doing this illusory manifestation here and now, and forever!', it stops!

And when he forgives all the forces of the illusion that have misled him to sin, then all his taken energy returns with interest, and the newly created negative karma, if any, is 100% transmuted at that moment!

And when a person afterwards joyfully thanks me, he might be splendidly rewarded with the Lord's multiplication of the benefits for him, and finally come out much healthier and wealthier with energy than he was before the beginning of the harmful actions on him by the representatives of any of the networks of the illusion.

And he must immediately send this wealth to his causal body to be preserved and used later, in greater need, by God's Mercy and Lord's Permission.

I AM Presence of the One