Q & A 133

Stopped development of a child

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 14 January 2019


Question: Dear Father One, what causes that some young people who have come of age and have completed secondary and even higher education still have their childish behaviour and thinking? What is the best thing to do to help them?

Answer: When a mother leaves her child due to an accident or when something extraordinary happens, which she has not foreseen or wanted, and she is without any preparation for it, and without having prepared her child for it, it is possible from the experienced shock and the stress of her loss, the child's soul to stop developing and maturing spiritually. Then, the body continues to grow, but spiritually the person remains a child without the opportunity to reach the majority age in Spirituality regardless of his age.

The best thing to do in this case is:
1. When this grown-up child, a man or a woman, meets his/her mother, and they both forgive each other. Because the mother also has suffered much from the loss of her child during that time. Her Soul has been hurt and the programme and her task of teaching and supporting the spiritual development of this child was interrupted.
2. To live some time together after this forgiveness – as long as it takes to complete the maturing program, showing each other extraordinary tenderness, Divine Love, and increased attention. Then, the Souls of both of them are healed and the Soul of the child matures at an accelerated rate and reaches spiritual maturity.

Sometimes, however, such a child-man may happen to be left without the opportunity to meet and live with his mother, as she has already left the incarnation or she is far away, and they are both unable to meet for some reason, even though they want it, or she is unwilling to meet him. In these cases, another opportunity for him to come of age in spirituality is to fall in love and marry, and his wife to manage to be for him both a loving wife and a gentle and devoted loving mother to him at first, until he matures and becomes a man. This second exception applies only to boys-men.

In case the growing up of the child was supported by a strongly loving grandmother and suddenly the relationship with both women was interrupted, the stress and shock in his Soul are double. Regardless of the age of the body of such a child, his Soul remains at the same age that was when the separation happened! And then it is very likely that the life of the child will continue as in a fog, as in a dream, and the child is confused, even though externally it is hard to see that. What actually happens is that such a child is vegetating through all the following years, expecting his mother to return to his life – on the subtle plane, at the level of Soul.

The loss of the father extremely rarely leads the child's soul to such a stress that will interrupt its development if the child stays with his mother, and she brings him/her up with love, regardless of whether this is a boy or a girl. It is almost impossible for this to happen.

When such a person has sinned in his life, it is as if a child has sinned – without accumulating much karma because he is with a child's Soul and I AM Presence of the One recognise that.

Therefore, when you come across such a person, it is necessary to be without condemnation, but with understanding to him and his childlike manifestations.

Even if such a person meets his mother or his wife if she is loving and patient to him, his child's Soul will take time to mature and outgrow children's manifestations so that they gradually disappear, one by one.

Have some understanding, be patient and have some Divine Love for such people. This is the best.

All that is said so far refers to those people-children who are representatives of the Light Network.

I AM Presence of the One