Q & A 136

Carrying the cross at a funeral

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 17 February 2019


Question: What was the effect of my carrying the cross at my grandmother's funeral?

Answer: You have taken from her negative karma and have given to her some of your good karma, accordingly and at the same time.


Question: Dear Father One, is it good from Your point of view to forgive those who offered me to carry the cross at my grandmother's funeral without informing me that the one who carries the cross takes for working-off part of the negative karma of the deceased?

Answer: Yes, it is good to forgive them by using the Spiritual Practice "Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps" once, on a waning moon. And to forget all this.

The one who carries the cross takes for working-off whatever is available from the one who has made the transition (the deceased person) – negative karma, in particular. And if the person who has made the transition is karmically pure, then the next thing that the person carrying the cross will take from the deceased one is part of the harmful programmes, encodings and blockages, and their harmful results and consequences.

All the information I gave you above applies only when the cross is carried by close relatives, friends, neighbours, ... voluntarily by the person who carries it without giving him anything in return for that work.

And when the cross is carried, for example, by an official of the church to which the deceased belonged, and this is part of the ritual of the funeral, after which the priest and his assistants are paid, including the one who carried the cross, then such a person is without taking any of the negative karma or the harmful programmes of the deceased. The same is true when the cross is carried by any person, even when he is close to the deceased, if he is paid for this work, even though a very small sum, symbolically, by the family of the deceased.

The situation is quite different when the one who carries the cross knows that he will take for working-off negative karma from his deceased close person, and yet he wishes to do it free of charge, to help him to be cleansed and elevated higher, with the purest Divine Love to him, but only when he is sure that the deceased has a Light, Living and Clean Soul. If he is without such knowledge, the best recommendation is the one who carries the cross, to accept some payment for it.

I AM Presence of the One