Q & A 137

Dressing up someone alive for a dead person

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 17 February 2019


Question: Dear Father One, what happens in terms of energy when a person makes the transition/perishes, and a relative or a close person of the same gender is dressed up in new clothes so that the deceased is forgiven by God?

Answer: Yes, in some places there is such a custom. Usually, the closest relatives of the deceased person give money to a young relative or close person to the deceased of the same sex to buy clothes and to dress up, or they buy the clothes and he/she dresses up at the funeral or after it; as nothing has been given in return, according to the custom, the one who received the garments receives also a packet of the deceased one's negative karma, which helps the deceased to ascend, and then works that karma off in his life.

For example, a young woman is dressed up for her grandmother who died and who was afraid of her husband all her life as he beat her. And the young woman starts to be afraid of her own husband even though before that she was 100% without such a feeling within. And her husband starts to try to hit her, which he had never done before, and that further deepens her fear. Then. the fear of the young woman begins to grow and becomes an animal fear of her husband to the extent that even her brain, her thinking, is blocked. And the woman lacks explanation of what this behaviour is like and where it came from. Without an external intervention and help from Above the problem can be worsened if the woman is unaware of how to free herself from this burden. And it is so easy!

What needs to be done in such cases and in any case when a new negative manifestation appears in a person's life is to begin to carry out the Spiritual Practice 'Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps' with all one’s heart and soul every day, through which:
blue-dotto repent for everything that he himself has sinned in all his incarnations and in all times, and also to repent for all the others from whom he has taken negative karma and some of their imperfections (Repentance in three steps);
blue-dotto forgive all the forces of the illusion and their representatives, whichever networks, ranks and levels they are from, also to forgive their creators for upholding and intensifying this harm in his life – both in the past, at that moment, and possibly in the future (Forgiveness in three Steps);
blue-dotand to thank Me with all his heart for all that is happening because it is the best! (Gratitude – the seventh step of this Spiritual practice).


Question: Lord, what is the best thing in the case of this example, for which we thank You?

Answer: A very good question! Every custom, when it was created in past times, has a great Good at its foundation, but to benefit from it, one has to live in observance of My – the Lord's, Commandments and Laws.

In the above example, the best thing that happens, for which it is good for the young woman to thank Me, is that she can transform with great speed, easily and completely the negative karma she took, providing the first time she feels fear for her husband and he is rude to her, she carries out with all her heart and soul:
blue-dotthe above-described Spiritual Practice 'Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 steps';
blue-dotshe and her husband forgive each other with the Spiritual Practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man' or using their own words, even briefly, but with all their heart and soul;
blue-dotand the Spiritual Practice of the 12 bows.

As I have already told you and reaffirm that, these are the three spiritual practices that have the greatest Power and Force of God and the Lord interwoven in them and most active for the time in which you are living now and for all the following times to come, with the help of which to cleanse, free and save yourself from every burden, to prepare and pass successfully through the Great Transition that is to come.


Question: Dear Father One, You have taught us that everything that happens, when We thank You with all our heart and soul for it, it becomes beneficial for us. Where is the benefit of what happened in the above example?

Answer: When the woman takes enough of the grandmother's negative karma to enable her to ascend into the Light of the Highest Octaves when the grandmother is a Light Being, then the same grandmother from her ascended state with the greatest gratitude to this woman for the help she has given her and with the greatest joy will help her from the subtle plane. And the help that this young woman will receive from Above from her grandmother from now on can be directed to her as well as to her closest people, such as her husband and child/children. When, for example, the child of the woman is in trouble, and her grandmother saves him, in this way she pays for the help received to be able to ascend as soon as she made the transition, because without that help, with the karma she had, she could not ascend to that level on her own!

And it would be very good for the young woman in our example to light a candle for her grandmother and thank her for the help, and not only she, all the members of her family can do it when they think of this grandmother, in order to give her more Power and Force in this way, to strengthen her, and to be able to help them from Above even more from the Higher Octaves of Light – by using multiplication and Divine multiplication (of the energy).


Question: When is the negative karma of the deceased taken – is it while wearing these clothes?

Answer: The negative karma is taken entirely at the moment of putting on these clothes, regardless of whether it is on the day of the funeral or shortly after, it happens the first time they are worn. After that it is irrelevant whether or not these clothes are worn or someone else will wear them.

Question: What is best from Your point of view to do with such clothes, dear Father One?

Answer: They can be worn and the person should think well of his/her close person who made the transition, for whom he was wearing these clothes, and he will be able to help even more. This is what may be done when the deceased is from the Light Network and ascends into the Light.

But when the deceased is a representative of one of the networks of the illusion, then the one who wears the clothes loses his good karma – it is taken away, entirely or a large part of it that is available at the moment – at the very first moment when the clothes are put on, without any return, benefit, and help afterwards or at any time.

For this reason, in these times, if the person is unaware which energy network his deceased close one belongs to, it is best to refrain from accepting the fulfilment of this custom.

I AM Presence of the One