Q & A 132

New home and death

A question sent to the UNIFICATION website on 22 February 2019, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 24 February 2019


Question: Dear Father One, is the superstition true or an illusion that when a house is built, something must be left unfinished, otherwise someone in the family will die? And under what conditions is that true, and what is best thing to remain unfinished?

Answer: When a house is built or a major renovation is done on an existing one, too many people visit this building to perform various activities. Each of them has a different energy. It is possible that these people are from different energy networks and belong to different evolutions. Furthermore, due to the action of the Karmic Law, to this work are attracted, come to apply, and are approved contractors/teams to which the owner of the home/property is a karmic debtor and who have some negative karma to be worked-off with him or with one or a few of his close people who live with him and eventually will live together with him in this house.

Usually everything is very well during the hiring of these building specialists and contractors/teams, but after a while, when they start working in the property of their karmic debtor, the problems start. The process of working off the existing negative karma starts. If the owner is sufficiently conscious and thanks the Lord for all the issues associated with this construction work, keeps equanimity in his relationships, and is without condemnation to those who make mistakes for which he goes over budget, because for example he has to do parts of the job two or three times, until they are done right, then the negative karma transmutes very quickly. This leads to a change in the construction work – either the contractors start working with quality and stop making mistakes, or they themselves leave that site and other contractors need to be found.

And it goes like that to the end. Because when a new home is built or the old one is refurbished and renovated to serve people well so that they are happy in it – live in Peace and Love and prosper, it is also necessary that they purify themselves while the construction is going on. The better they succeed with this karmic cleansing and to the greater extent, the more that becomes their safest bet for their happy future while they live in this house afterwards!

But if during the time of the construction, a person is angry and furious at his karmic debtors or at the karmic debtors of his close people, behaves badly with them, or expels them without paying their labour or anything else – and during all this time he is negative, that increases his negative karma instead of reducing it, and destroys his health. The longer a person builds and is negative, condemns and burdens himself with karma, the worse his health gets, but he still copes with that because he is under pressure. But when the house is ready and the person relaxes, suddenly various illnesses fall upon him, because he has put a lot of karmic burden on himself instead of getting rid of it, and immediately begins the work-off of a part of this negative karma.

And if his attitude was very bad, and one of the builders has spoken against him painful words, putting in his speech a strongly negative feeling, that speech becomes a curse, the execution of which begins immediately. And if the person is without a sufficient amount of good karma to transform it, then he dies – his incarnation sharply and prematurely ceases, even during the construction or some time afterwards.

As you can guess, there are only few people who build a new house or renovate their home being sufficiently aware; thus, people have correctly noticed what has been happening over the past centuries and have made their own conclusions. Except that there are insufficient examples of the opposite – that when a person remains kind and equal and thanks the Lord for the issues, which are actually the best thing that is happening to him at the moment because he is given a chance to purify himself, in order to observe and to note the prosperity he has reached then and how happily he lives in this home with his close people, how good his health is and that it has improved even more!

You have already understood what is the best to do during the construction work, how to behave, and what a person’s inner attunement should be.

Leaving something unfinished, regardless of what exactly, is a superstition which is without much help in this case. It serves as a placebo pill – to reassure the person. It may help when a person strongly believes in this superstition and fulfils it, relaxes, calms down, lives without being negative and, most importantly, when he has enough good karma which will be used to transform the negative karma that has come out. This transformation is done with a smaller amount of good karma when the person is calm.

The best recommendation to you, my dear children of Light, is the following:
1) Be your true self – let the God within you act constantly, everywhere and forever!
2) Be the God within you in your relationships with the Lord and in your relationships with the God within the other Light people who are part of the Living Life on this planet!
3) Be yourself and remain equal and calm in your relationships with the representatives of the illusion, without any negative feeling and condemnation to them, and without damaging them and harming them consciously, if you want to be Alive, Healthy, good-fruitful in the Light Network!

I AM Presence of the One