Q & A 134

Gifts and Blessings

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 25 March 2019


Question: Dear Father One, by thanking You for the Gifts that you give us, their effect is enhanced, even with Divine multiplication. But what about Your Blessings – what happens when we thank You for them? And how often is it best that we do that?

Answer: A very good question. I have long expected someone to ask Me that.

1) In the case of the Gifts – I directly allocate some energy for the realisation of the Gift, at the very moment of giving it. And when you thank Me for the Gift, this energy is Divinely multiplied, as there is an energy exchange – the gifted gives something in return.
blue-dotThis allows Me to Give even more,
blue-dotthe period and the lifespan of the Gift is extended, that is how long it will be active,
blue-dotthe strength of its action and its volume increase as well!

2) In the case of the Blessings – they are kind Words – wishes. Once spoken/given and accepted, these Words bring into the subtle bodies of the person to whom they refer an encoding for the realisation in the future of what was spoken and accepted for the person who is the target of the Blessing. But he has to work to activate and implement the program that was set on him, that is to put some energy in it.

To trigger the initial realisation of the programmed wish of the Blessing, the Kind Word in it to become creative and to create the new reality that it carries within, some energy is needed, that is some impulse, which is the energy of the Gratitude or even better, the energy of a Blessing in return, which is directed back to the primary source from whom this Blessing originates.

To realise the programme of the Blessing which has already started partially, completely or even to greater extent than expected, it is necessary to provide the equivalent amount of energy on a regular basis, i.e. once a month, once a week, every day or several times a day. That is up to the person, and according to his/her abilities. The energy of Gratitude and Divine Love should be directed to the Ascended Being of Light who has given the Blessing.

And if the one who gave the Blessing is a person, it is best to thank him once with all our heart and soul, then immediately to send Gratitude and Divine Love to the Lord, who supports this Blessing, and finally, after the blessing, the following Word-formulas are to be spoken as well:

And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

Then, it is good the person who has been blessed to keep sending his Gratitude and Divine Love to the Lord periodically, until the Blessing is realised in his life to the desired extent. And if the person continues to thank for it afterwards and keeps sending his Divine Love to the Lord, then this Blessing becomes a Gift with a permanent action with regards to this person!

I AM Presence of the One