Q & A 138

Righteousness and the Common family righteous field

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 27 March 2019


Question: What is Righteousness*?
What does it mean all our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds to be righteous?
A common family righteous field – how is it created and what are its properties?

Answer: 1) Righteousness is Good Honour – this is when a person lives in observance and in fulfilment of My – the Lord's, Commandments and Laws, and everything the person does is kind – he creates/gives good as a result and his fruits are then also Kind and bring Good.

2) It is already clear to you what it means all your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds to be righteous – they are such when they are compliant with the Lord's Commandments and Laws.

3) A common family righteous field is created within a family in which all thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds of both spouses are righteous, without any thoughts of violence, aggression or any other negativity that drags into the networks of the illusion automatically if a person misses to immediately become aware of what thoughts he has in his head and that these thoughts have come to him from the outside and/or they are a consequence of harmful programmes, encodings and blockages and to immediately repent to Me and to demand, sincerely wish and ask all these illusory thoughts, feelings, words and deeds to be erased and their harmful result to be cancelled.

The common family righteous field is created exactly that way – when day by day both spouses make efforts and do what is necessary to remain in the Light Network and all their thoughts, feelings, words and deeds are good-fruitful in the Light Network. And this continues until the moment when that behaviour of theirs and way of acting become an inherent quality for them both individually and when they act as a team, and they naturally start to think, feel, speak, and act righteously without striving to do so and without overcoming an internal or external resistance while doing so.

It is when this happens that the Common family righteous field is built and begins to act automatically. Then the energy accumulated in it creates additional protective energy envelope/layer in the common family aura that repels all the illusory thoughts, feelings and words coming from the outside without giving them access to any of the two spouses to any level of any of their four lower bodies. And if something illusory somehow enters this energy field, it transforms into Light, into something good.

And when both spouses have Divine Love for each other, they could bless themselves on the anniversary of their wedding with the Lord's help to build such a Common family righteous field, and also to ask their guests, if there are any, to bless them in the same way. And then you already know what to do when you have received such a wonderful Blessing.**

I AM Presence of the One



* Translator's note: in the original, literally Kind-honourness.

** Note from Rositsa Avela: see Q&A 134 'Gifts and Blessings'.