Q & A 139

Presence during service in a temple and participation in church rituals/ordinance

A question sent in Russian to the UNIFICATION website on 3 April 2019, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 7 May 2019


Question: Is it permissible now, in these times, for a person to be present in the temple during service and to pray with the others there, to make the cross sign, to receive Holy Communion, and so on?

Answer: I AM Presence of the One give the following answer to this question.

Whoever wishes to remain with a pure Soul and to preserve its Living Life without taking unnecessary risks, when he/she opens to God, that is when a direct connection is established between his material body, his Soul and his Higher I AM Presence, he/she must observe the prescribed safety measures on this occasion*.

This means that it is safe to be present during services in the temple and to perform the church rituals when:
the person is dressed in long-sleeved clothing
and long trousers for men or with long dresses reaching the shoes for women,
and wear socks on the legs,
and has the head and hands covered with a scarf/cover made of natural plant tissue that is large enough to cover completely the hands even when the cross sign is made.

All the skin and hair must be covered with 100% natural plant fibre material – cotton, linen, hemp or their mixture, without even 1% synthetic materials.

And if someone asks you for the reason you are covering yourself, tell him/her very calmly that this helps you to focus on the prayer/ritual and to communicate with God within without distracting yourself by watching other people or even the priest. And that also helps your thoughts to be pure, to be full of Divine Love, and to send it to the Lord!

I AM Presence of the One



* See in part Spiritual work 'Five Rules-Guidelines on the protection of Purity, the salvation of the human Soul and the successful continuation of the evolution in the transitional times.'