Q & A 140

Full-Moon Water and a Lunar Eclipse

A question asked on 17 July 2019, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 19 July 2019


Question: Is it good from the Lord's point of view to prepare full-moon water during a lunar eclipse? What would the water quality be then? Are the water properties somehow different and what is the difference?

Answer Full-moon water is always prepared during a full moon, regardless of whether there is a partial or complete lunar eclipse at the same time.

The water quality remains good, and its ability to transform the negative energies is also preserved.

The important thing to remember and observe is that the full-moon water is for external use only, and you should refrain from drinking it! It may be used for spraying or sprinkling both items, the whole house and the property, the vehicles and all the equipment and machines, in the workplace and everywhere where the person resides and feels that some negativity has occurred, as well as people, plants and animals when needed.

I AM Presence of the One