Q & A 143

Conditions for the manifestation of the purifying power of the fire

A question sent in English to the UNIFICATION website on 10 June 2019, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 1 August 2019


Question: I have a question on the last sentence in Q&A13. The question is: What are those conditions? Thank You, Lord!

Note from Rositsa Avela:
The last two sentences in Q&A 13 'The Prometheus Fire' are:
'The statement that fire cleanses everything is truthful with regards to the Lord’s Fire. The external fire is its manifestation in the material world and has a purifying effect on people who watch it and on the surrounding space, but to a much lesser degree and under certain conditions.'

Answer: The conditions you can use to manifest the purifying power of the fire in your material world at this time are:

1. With regards to the people who look at it to purify through it, it is necessary: one need to look at the fire or the candle flame for 11 minutes every day for a total of 72 days, without interruption, just before falling asleep and during that time to elevate himself as much as possible by sending Me Divine Love and thanking Me for the purification (from the Lord), which takes place in his four lower bodies and in the space around him at that very moment. And this purification should be done 1 or 2 times a year, as needed, by starting exactly on the day of the Winter Solstice in December, and then the second time, the person should at least after a rest period of 72 days, if the person feels tired, without strength, his eyesight is weakening etc., and if he has a number of other health issues.

Then the fire purifies – when it comes into contact with the internal fire of the person – with the Divine spark or with the inner Divine fire.

2. With regards to the surrounding area:

2.1. When burning candles made of natural beeswax, the fire purifies the space from the astral beings from the network of the darkness. And the purifying power of the fire become stronger when the person who burns the candles or someone else nearby says:

Lord, I… (the first name) demand, sincerely wish and ask
may the fire that I am lighting now / that burns here and now,
purify the space around from anything harmful to me and my loved ones
who inhabit that space, for as long as possible!

For how long will last the purifying power of the fire depends on the purity of the person / people inhabiting this space.

2.2. Even though the fires are dangerous and have a harmful effect, as they burn some of the representatives of the Living Life – plants and animals that inhabit the burning territory and are unable to leave it, the fires have also a beneficial effect, as they purify the space from the accumulated negative karma, in which case the representatives of the networks of the illusion leave this space, because then lack reason to harm people – when the space is pure the people who inhabit it are also pure, as the fire purifies them when they send Me Divine Love and Thank Me while the fire rages and they observe it from a safe distance, each saying with all his heart and Soul:

Thank You, Lord, for yesterday, today and tomorrow!
Thank You, Lord, for all that is happening!
Thank You, Lord, for everything, now, forever and in all times, time and half-time and even after that!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
I Love You with all my heart and Soul, with all my Divine Love, Dear Father One!

3. Fire purifies both people and space when it is used as an additional element while performing a spiritual practice in the temple or at home, when a person lights a candle to burn while he is praying / while performing his spiritual practice.

I AM Presence of the One