Q & A 144

Black colour on things at home

A question sent from Great Britain to the UNIFICATION website on 29 July 2019, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 1 August 2019


Question: Lord, I have a question about the personal items at home that have one or more black body parts. For instance, fry pans often have a black handle.
Can superficial painting of such black parts of our items in one of the colours of the rainbow help to neutralise the effect of the black part of the object, or such painting is ineffective, and it is just best to get rid of such an item 100%?
Very often, the handles of bags and suitcases, as well as the feet of such items are also made of black materials. Does covering such black parts of items with a natural cloth in one of the colours of the rainbow help to neutralise the effect of the black part of the item?
How is it best from the Divine and the Lord's point of view to neutralise the black colour of such parts of our belongings?

Answer: With regards to the pans in the household with black handles and the black feet of suitcases and other belongings, this is within the allowable percentage of deviation, in which the presence of the black colour lacks a particularly harmful effect – it is within the tolerable percentage in which the presence of black colour at home lacks harmful consequences. Therefore, one may go without painting or covering all of them if he/she lacks such an opportunity. But it would be good to put them in a cupboard or closet and only take them out when they are used.

It is important that the house is without entirely black items or items that are predominantly black, as far as home or out-of-home furniture is concerned, such as in the yard.

In the future, you could buy items without black parts, if available, when you need something new, and gradually replace the old items with new ones which lack black colour on them.

The recommendation to be 100% without black and grey colours applies to the clothes that you wear, the clothes you have on you while you are exposed to the sun rays, your bedding where you sleep and the chairs you are sitting on.

I AM Presence of the One