Q & A 145

Hanging out washing at direct sunlight and something more

A question sent to the UNIFICATION website on 28 July 2019, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 4 August 2019


Question: Dear Rositsa Avela, dear Helios and Presence of the One,
With regards to the Message from Beloved Helios on 27 July 2019 given to us, I am asking the following question:
What are the cause and the root cause that make hanging out clothes under direct sunlight harmful for people? People, animals and plants are living beings, unlike clothing. What is the influence of the Sun on our clothes and hence on us?
With Gratitude and Divine Love

Answer: The Sun affects the clothes in the same way as the water placed in a vessel outdoors in the direct sun rays, some of which are already harmful to the health of the Living beings, and this process will intensify in the future. The water absorbs this harmfulness and becomes harmful for both drinking, and pouring over people, animals and plants.

The same happens with the water in the wet clothes – the water molecules absorb this harmfulness and are encoded with it. And when the water evaporates, this code remains on the fabric of the garments when they originate from natural plants. And then, when a person wears such garments, he comes into direct contact with this harm, as if he has exposed himself in the Sun, and the water in his own cells was encoded harmfully to him.

Therefore, clothes made of natural fabric as well as plants should be kept away from the Sun when wet. Dry the clothes under a shelter, and water the plants in the evening.


Note from Rositsa Avela: After receiving the above information, I also asked Presence of the One a few questions on this topic:

First question: When a person is in the rain, and his clothes get wet, and then the Sun shines, and they dry up in direct sunlight while being worn, what is the result? And what about when a person sweats and that soaks his clothes while working outdoors in direct sunlight?

Answer: It is the same as with the wet clothes hung out in direct sunlight. It is harmful in all these cases. The recommendation for a person is to have spare dry clothes made of natural fabrics, and when the clothes he wears are sweaty and wet, he should change them with dry ones that will protect him from the Sun, as such clothes have their own protective aura, which is additional protection for the person. And the wet clothes should be dried in the shade during this time, for example on the branches of a tree, if the person is away from home. And when they dry, the person can wear them again and use them to replace the clothes on his back that are wet from sweat or rain. This is easily achievable, and the implementation should be without difficulties for anyone.


Second question: What is the cause and root cause for the occurrence of this harm from the Sun rays, dear Father One? What causes this phenomenon?

Answer: What happens to the planet is the same that happens to you, people. When one suffers and is ill and in pain, his or her protection partially breaks down, and he becomes vulnerable to harmful external influence by the forces of the illusion. Moreover, when one suffers, his or her suffering affects his/her loved ones on the subtle plane with whom he is connected in energy on the subtle plane. They also become vulnerable and may be harmfully affected by the representatives of the various networks of the illusion.

When the Living beings suffer, the whole planet suffers; when the planet suffers and is in pain from the wounds that people cause to it through their activities, such as deforestation, through mines and quarries, harmful emissions from motor vehicles, from industrial factories, etc. the Moon, the Sun, and the other planets in this solar system suffer as well, since they are all very closely connected in energy. This way, when the Sun is suffering because of the suffering of the Earth, it changes its radiation. This is the root cause of the harmful sun rays.

And you, my dear Bright Children, must hide in order to survive in the coming times, wherever you can hide, wherever you are, at any time of the day, and especially when the Sun shines most strongly:
1) At home – in your homes, and when a person is in the yard, he should work under large, sturdy and stable shelters;
2) In the forest – under the shade of trees;
3) In caves among the rocks of the mountains;
4) Underground in waterproofed dugout shelters.


Third question: What about the fruits of the plants we eat, dear Father One, for instance, watermelons, melons, vegetables and all the fruits of the trees?

Answer: They will become harmful to humans – those of them which mature in direct sunlight, without any shadow above them. And when there is some shade, even thin one, it still provides good enough protection. Plants that are growing shaded under large leaves, for example, such as zucchini, will be best and completely safe, as well as the fruit on the trees and the bunches of grapes that ripen under the leaves.

I AM Presence of the One