Blessing given by Presence of the One for the 9th birthday of the UNIFICATION website


Happy 9th birthday to the UNIFICATION website!

I bless all children of Light with Alive, Light and Pure souls who read the UNIFICATION website, aim at implementing the Teaching that I AM giving, and support Rositsa Avela, who accepts it and gives it to you through this website, to end in your life and get free from negative karma, harmful programmes, encodings and blockages and their harmful results and consequences in all your incarnations so far, and from everything that impedes each of you in your growth in spirituality!

And I bless you
to be exceptionally good-fruitful in the Light network,
in Joy, Peace and Harmony / Harmony, Peace and Joy, to live in Divine Love,
and to be successful during the following year in the fulfilment of your main Mission that you have come with in this incarnation!

I AM Presence of the One