Guidance from Lord Melchisedech

(received immediately after the receiving of His Icon)
26 February 2020


I AM Melchisedech, I am a Teacher of Teachers who are Chosen among the Highest Initiated. They join the training with Me in My Order of the 13th Ray (of the 13th chakra) – the Teacher's one and I work mainly with the 13th Secret Mantle, whose name and what it refers to, is never communicated to any person who is incarnated in the material world.

What I have come to say specifically to all people with Living, Bright and Pure Souls, is to stop falling anymore in energy and vibration and to become subject to the representatives of the networks of the illusion! Your energy is precious and you will need it more and more in the future. So, stop succumbing to their provocations by getting annoyed at anything, raising your voice and even shouting and insulting, or insulting yourself, getting angry and becoming aggressive in any way and condemning, including yourself, even the slightest, and allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by any other illusory state.

It is very important to stop judging yourself, as this is the strongest kind of condemnation after the Lord's condemnation, and it is much more harmful and destroying your own protection, destroying your temple and your health, because when a person condemns himself, he automatically condemns God, who is in his temple – condemns his Supreme Part! And this is very destructive to the material body of every person, his immunity drops sharply, he gets sick and becomes subject to the representatives of the networks of the illusion to rob him – his energy, his achievements and his Gifts, because all this is a kind of energy that becomes available to them when a person falls and his energy is coloured by the illusory thoughts, feelings that have mastered him and by the illusory words and deeds that he utters and does!

For this reason, when you feel the onset of any negative or illusory state, while it is in its earliest stages, immediately try to relax, be silent, secluded and calm down. You can do it! Calm down!

Remember that you are Beings of Light and have the Strength and Power of God – those of your Higher Part! Invite God in you to help and thank Him and send Your Divine Love to Him.

Remember that the representatives of the networks of the illusion want to take away your energy at such moment, by trying to make you experience these negative, aggressive, violent and any other illusory states, and thus humiliate you, trample and mock your Light, which is Holy! Will you allow it? Will you let them do it and achieve it?

Breathe in several times slowly and very deeply with your eyes closed and with all the calmness and dignity of Beings of Light, announce to the representatives of the networks of the illusion that it is time for them to leave immediately, here and now, because you invite the Father One, sincerely wish and ask for help from Above to be given to get rid of them and their interference in your temple!

Open your eyes and you will see the World in a new, brighter Light – the Fathers Light, and Yours woven into the Light of Father and coming from your Higher Part, from the Higher Celestial Octaves of Light! You will see and feel that this Light radiates far away, burns and turns everything illusory into Lord's Light. You will feel that you are in complete Calmness, Peace and Strength and Power of God, Great One!

And the quality of your Life will change and it will become a much better Life – both yours and Your neighbours'.