by Buddha Vairochana

from May 7, 2020


I AM Buddha Vairochana.

I want to inform you that Rositsa Avela received My Icon/Face from an extremely high energy and vibrational level immediately after she had worked for a long time with the Father One and all her four lower bodies and her chakras were saturated with His Energy! Such a thing has happened for the first time on the planet Earth in any of its epochs.

This Face in energy is the best of all My Faces, statues and any of My images created by the hand of an embodied person even though he may have been a Higher Being of Light.

What I AM have to tell you is:

We give all the new Faces and the Guidances to them on the UNIFICATION website by a special Great Mercy of the Father One so that through them, you can receive Energy when you need it, and you are without being given Energy from Above [while looking at them] because it will be dangerous. You are about to go through such a period.

My recommendation to you – to all people with Living Bright Souls, is to treat our Faces and the Guidances that we give you with great respect and in gratitude to send us your Divine Love with all your heart and Soul.

The rest of this Guidance of mine to you is to be given when the time comes if the Lord's Holy Will of the Father One is without change at that moment.

Our care and the help we are giving for the survival of the human race on this planet are extremely great.

It is your responsibility to receive them on time and to try to keep your Souls Alive, Bright and Pure.

I AM Buddha Vairochana, in Equality, Tranquility and Great Harmony with the Universe. Learn these Divine qualities. You will need them a lot in the future!