Guidance by Padma Sambhava

from 14 May 2020

I AM Padma Sambhava.

I want to draw your attention to two things.

The first one is a problem that almost everyone who has a pet has faced. Has your dog that you love, for example, run around like crazy, just at a time when you need peace of mind because you are about to or even are currently having an important conversation on your mobile phone, or you should pay special attention to your child or spouse, and your dog interferes? Or you are about to take an exam, or you are writing an important report, and your dog distracts you or makes trouble in the yard and creates additional work for you at the least appropriate time? Or crushes your favourite flowers in the yard and chases the birds that sing and make you happy? The list can be quite long. The result is that your normal relationship with your pet is disrupted, and the Divine Love that you have and experience for each other is interrupted.

I will tell you the best way to deal with this problem.

First – the problem is not only yours but also of your pet that loves you with his/her whole being and to the last breath, whatever you do! But the illusion has managed to irritate him/her madly on a subtle plane, which you are without being able to see. However, the irritation exists and makes your pet suffer, sometimes even quite severely. This is the reason for the over-excited behaviour at the most inopportune moment.

The solution is to impose isolation at all key moments. This is the best. When you have something important to do, ensure your peace of mind in advance by leaving the animal inside the home so that he/she is away from external irritants in the yard or on the terrace, for example. It is best for him/her to be in the hallway, with everything necessary – bedding and water, and explain to him/her that this is temporary, and he/she will soon be with you again, but at the moment it is necessary, without explaining the reason – it must remain in silence until you have completed your work. Because around you, there will always be an eavesdropper from the astral plane, and even on the material plane, be it a spider, for example, which is from and in the network of darkness and transmits the information about you to the astral beings, for example, that are hovering around.

And if you tell your dog that you need silence, you are unlikely to have it exactly when you need it most if someone around you on the subtle plane is very hungry and intends to feed on your energy, and that is his only and very important activity on this day – to irritate you until you give in and your pure and radiant light energy is coloured, for example, by the negativity of the irritation in which you eventually fall, i.e. to make your energy exactly what he needs it to be and from which he can feed and exist, and which is easy to take away from you, because when you get angry, your security decreases and your aura is much easier to be broken.


And the second thing I want to focus on is medicinal plants – flowers and grasses – herbs. It is good to have a home garden, either in the yard or in pots on the terrace/balcony. And whenever it is difficult for you, go to them to enjoy them and thank them for helping you, because they really do! How else can you withstand the load of the significant amount of work that awaits you?

Going to the herb garden and communicating with the plants in it in the morning and again in the late afternoon, before going to bed, are lifesaving in these times! This ‘herbal field‘ can help you much more than you think – to be healthy, enjoying the plants, each of their stalks, when you are with them, and then picking them yourself. This can bring you so much Joy, and in the future, it can help you and your close people to be healthy by eating them and drinking tea from these herbs, which have been steeped with your Joy and Divine Love and gathered with your hands at sunrise! And most importantly – each of these plants, which are representatives of the network of Light, multiplies your Light and re-inforces it and also illuminates and strengthens the whole energy field of your home! It also strengthens the immunity of all occupants of the home when they have good feelings and care for these plants.

Padma Sambhava