Q & A 150


A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 25 May 2020


Question: Dear Father One, what happens as a result of infidelity in the family?

Answer: There is a Rule on the subtle plane that applies to the representatives of all energy networks – both the Network of Light and the networks of the illusion which are within the scope of My Commandments and Laws.

The rule is: When someone in the family – the husband or the wife, violates My Rule 'Be faithful to your family partner until death do you part', i.e. live without committing adultery – without infidelity, then the other husband acquires on the subtle plane full access to the energy of this sinful sex, and it flows and remains in the family, with the Lord's multiplication, corresponding to adultery. And this rule applies for each partner with whom the adulterer has sexual intercourse. For example, if the husband cheats, then his wife, who is faithful to him, receives the energy from the sex of her unfaithful husband with any other woman. The opposite is also true – with regards to the energy of the sexual intercourse with any other man with whom the wife cheats on her husband – the energy also goes to her husband.

And the representatives of the networks of the illusion seek to unite with a Being of Light in a family, and then to put him/her in many difficulties and torments during their family life and to make him commit adultery in any way, by tempting him and giving him a strong impulse and sexual desire. And the spouse who is from a network of the illusion 'does not want to' or 'cannot' be sexually active. This acting is played out until the Being of Light commits adultery. Then the other spouse, who is a representative of one of the networks of the illusion, gets access to the energy of each sexual act with each sexual partner with whom the Being of Light unites afterwards, even if this is a second spouse, until death separates the first two spouses, according to the formula with which they united.

In addition, if the Being of Light eventually creates a second family, it is impossible to have children who are Beings of Light, as the energy of each sexual act with the second spouse is taken away from the previous spouse who was harmed through adultery. Consequently, there is a lack of energy to bring down in incarnation Beings of Light, and also there is a lack of energy needed to raise them after that!

For this reason, I have given you My Commandments to protect you in every way from the moves of the representatives of the illusion!

You received a very important part of the Teaching today!

I AM Presence of the One