Guidance from Babaji

27 May 2020


I AM Babaji,

You can get rid of any evil and very harmful presence around you, which comes both through a person on the material plane and from the subtle plane from a representative, one or more, of the networks of the illusion, by moving your body very fast aside. And immediately to very seriously start doing some work, then change one work with another, so that you are without overstrain. The very hard work frees you best from everything harmful that you have received and simply blows it away of all your 4 lower bodies!

Work both work in materiality and work in spirituality. You need both. You need to do the work in materiality in order to survive in this material world. And your work in spirituality is even more essential for you, so that you can prepare and be able to successfully pass into the World of the 6th human race. The Lord has made sure that you have both types of work in excess.

Act. This is the best for each of you!

Work out Karma-Yoga and you will be happy! Then the souls rejoice and the hearts sing in unison with the Higher Beings of Light in Heavens.

I AM Babaji invite you to work out with ease and at high speed the work of Karma-Yoga, so that the state of Joy and lightness of the Soul, which accompanies it, will reside in you! OM