Guidance by Beloved Zarathustra

from 02 June 2020


I AM Zarathustra.

I am giving this Guidance to help those Living, Bright and Pure Souls who aspire to and intend to do everything you are capable of, and even more than that, that is needed to succeed in this incarnation in fulfilling, each of you, your main Mission, which is now:

1) each of you to remain in incarnation and as much as possible in good Health of Spirit, Soul and body, pure from any:
blue-dotnegative karma;
blue-dotharmful programmes, encodings, blockages and their harmful fruit and consequences;
blue-dotnegative states of consciousness;
blue-dotharmful habits;
blue-dotany other illusory manifestations in the thoughts, feelings, words and deeds in your life day after day, every day!

2) in addition to the work in materiality, each of you should take time and do his services, and this work in spirituality should be of the highest quality, i.e. it should be done with great joy, one should approach it as something sacred, because it is just such a sacred thing, and direct his Divine Love to the Higher Beings of Light in the Higher Heavenly Octaves in full concentration. And always after the end of the service, one should direct the energy to his Higher self before he starts doing anything else from his material deeds.

3) each of you needs to take care so that through your own example and way of life in following the Lord's Commandments and Laws all your close people can survive and are better prepared to survive in the future with each passing day! And so that as many people as possible with their material bodies can pass through the Portal of the Great Transition without having to interrupt their incarnation and then come to the New World of the 6th race in a new incarnation.


Thus, each of you will be able to transfer to the New World of the 6th human race on this planet all the most important things – yourself with all your achievements, which you have managed to work off here and now, every day, in all these so graciously difficult Times, Time and Halftime, until you pass through the Portal of the Great Transition! This is the most important!

Each of these achievements will help you in the future and you will be very grateful to the Father One for giving you the chance to go through all the trials and ‘difficulties’ here and now! And that on the UNIFICATION website you are given the Teaching that will prepare you to fulfil this main Mission, in case you decide and get to work to be in fulfilment of the given recommendations and guidance.

It is for this reason that the content of the site is periodically updated with the necessary news that occur when one time is changed to another and when your life circumstances on your planet are changed according to the moves of the illusion that its representatives have taken to stumble you in fulfilling this main mission of yours and take away the energy that was given to you from birth so that you can fulfil it when the time comes.

And I have come to tell you that it has already come! It is time for you to take all the necessary actions for your own survival and preservation of your Souls to stay Alive, Bright and Pure!

Now is the time for you to prepare to survive and live in the Times, Time, Halftime and afterwards — each of you and all the people who remain purified, Alive, Bright, and Pure, and ready to serve the Lord!

And I want to tell you that the Teaching is given to help you not only here and now, but also in the future so that people can successfully pass the Great Transition and know how to live after that!

As you can see, there are many reasons for you to take care to be well in every moment of your incarnation from now on! And how insignificant all the traps of the illusion are! Stop worrying about silly things and wasting your precious energy! Whatever happens, do it calmly, without investing negative emotions. You can do it! Just set it as a goal to transform into your 4 lower bodies all those harmful programmes, encodings and blockages and their harmful fruit and consequences that prevent you from doing so.

You already know what your priorities are, what your highest priority job is and what your Main Mission is in this incarnation, here and now.

The work that awaits you is too important to waste your resources with secondary, tertiary, etc. less important deeds and especially with illusory deeds, enjoyable amusements and pleasures, helpfully served by the illusion!

I want to tell you that each of you can be successful.

Do it!

Your further life, your survival and your further evolution are in your own hands! And those of your close people to a certain extent – too!