Guidance from Moses

04 June 2020


I AM Moses.

It would be good to be particularly careful with your close ones! Because when you are in Joy, you are much more efficient in everything you do.

Carefully surround your close ones with Your Divine Love, be cheerful and radiant in the most difficult moments, make them laugh and sing!

Then you will be successful as a team, which is much more than a solo performance. And you can achieve much more in the direction of Good:

1) and towards a better and the best option for the possible future at any of the times; when it begins – to start it from a better initial foundation – more stable, better protected and to be in a 100% safe place, without dangers;

2) and as a success in the fulfilment of your Missions – both individual and as a team (the family also may be such a team);

3) and with regard to the Well-being of the Living Life and the planet RAIMA in general.