Guidance from Archangel Raphael

09 June 2020


I AM Archangel Raphael

Repent more often before the Father of all that you have sinned, forgive those who lead you into the trap of sin, and Thank the Lord for forgiving you and giving you Help from Above to stop sinning that way, after you have asked Him to give you such help. This cleanses your 4 lower bodies on all levels and activates a process of self-healing of the material body and the material plane.

And the more often you do what I have told you, i.e. The spiritual practice of 'Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps' on each instance, when you feel that you have done something wrong, the more the process of self-healing will intensify.

Your energy, which has turned into negative karma after you have sinned, turns back into Light when the Lord forgives you by His Great Mercy, when you repent before Him with all your heart and Soul.

And then, as you forgive all those who have worked on leading you into sin, the energy that they have taken away from you returns to you, even divinely multiplied by the interest given by the Father. The representatives of the networks of the illusion take away your energy, because when you sin, they gain access to your energy as it becomes coloured, low vibrational and is available for them to consume, and also because when you sin, your own protection is reduced or completely destroyed.

And if a person fails to repent with all his heart and soul and be forgiven by the Father One, the negative karma he has acquired, the energy that has been taken away from him, and his protection that has been compromised, lead to a decrease in the resistive forces of the material body and it is attacked both on the subtle plane by the representatives of the networks of the illusion and on the material plane by any pathogenic microorganisms and very often all this leads to the appearance of diseases – one or more, or to a complex of diseases, which are in connection with each other.

For this reason, the best treatment for a person is to carry out with all his heart and soul 'Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps.' And the sooner after sinning the person makes this Spiritual practice and is forgiven, preferably immediately, or at the first opportunity, the better, because then he can be constantly healthy, without any diseases!

When the sin (or sins) is old and the person is already sick, it is best to do the Spiritual Practice of 'Repentance, Forgiveness, and Gratitude in 7 Steps' every day.

In case of kin karma, accompanied by all sorts of misfortunes of the members of this kin, the best thing would be a general repentance of all members of the kin with regard to the negative karma created by their ancestors on the first day of the waning moon (i.e. on the day after the day of the full moon) until the misfortunes stop.

In this case, if they want things to improve in their kin and family, it would be best each family of this kin to do the Spiritual Practice 'Repentance, Forgiveness, and Gratitude in 7 Steps' in their own home, on the first day of the waning moon, at a time that is convenient for all family members. And they should repent both in relation to the ancestors/forefathers and in relation to all other members of the kin, for the sins of which they – their descendants, suffer here and now.

Archangel Raphael, with care for all people with Living, Bright and Pure Souls, may you be Healthy in Spirit, Soul and body on all levels!