Guidance from Orpheus

From 12 July 2020


I AM Orpheus.

It would be good for a person to sing the Divine songs. Because then, his Soul can reach the highest layers of the Heavenly octaves of Light. So, sing and rejoice both your Soul and the Souls of your close ones!

And sing the Divine songs more and more – every person with a Living, Light and Pure Soul needs this, the nature around also needs this – the whole Living Life needs it.

Sing and create! There are new songs that will come to you to make you joyful and to give you а feeling of lightness and happiness when you sing them, and to elevate your Souls!

When you sing, then all day long you are kind and cheerful, sunny and filled with more Light, and ready to live in peace and harmony with your close ones and with a much higher threshold of tolerance for the manifestations of the illusion.

Each of your days is too precious, so live it as such, without embittering your life and falling in the traps of illusion; support and help each other. You are strong and successful when you work and live in your family as a team of two or more Light-bearers. Remember that and if possible, always be close by each other even though each one of you is doing their own job, but be in a common energy field, in inner balance and synchronicity between you. This increases your strength and protection, and strengthens your immunity!