Guidance from Helena Ivanovna (Roerich)

25 July 2020


I AM Helena Ivanovna.

I have come to give My Guidance with the greatest Joy. It is, in fact, a continuation of the Teaching on Infidelity, which was just given (on 25 May 2020) by the Father One*. I have come to give more information on this subject, which was Allowed by the Father One.

When two people, a man and a woman, become a family, and one is a Being of Light, and the other is a representative of one of the networks of the illusion, and the Being of Light is faithful to his/her spouse, and the one who is a representative of one of the networks of the illusion is unfaithful and violates the Lord's Commandment, that tears the aura of the Being of Light, who is faithful, and tears the common family aura created at the wedding. After that, beings from different networks of the illusion can come in incarnation in this family.

And usually, this is the first thing that the representatives of the networks of the illusion do after marrying a Being of Light. And then, when children are born, who are representatives of some network of the illusion, these children were partners with the unfaithful spouse for many previous incarnations, and the Being of Light is doomed!

What follows is unhappy family life for the Being of Light, even if he/she is without realising it, because he is already firmly shrouded in the mist of the illusion. And his energy is easily drawn for years by all his closest relatives who are attached to him, and he becomes their donor until his last breath, until his incarnation ends ingloriously, after suffering for years – his Soul suffered, and the body suffered, and there was lack of strength and energy both to fulfil his Mission and to serve the Lord, and to bring down in incarnation Light Souls to protect each other from the representatives of the networks of the illusion and support each other in life!

And if some Light Soul takes the risk to come in incarnation, it also dooms itself to an unhappy life in such a family. Years of suffering pass as these children grow up unhappily in an abnormal environment, surrounded by monsters on the subtle plane, such as one parent and possibly brothers and sisters. They are deprived of their life potential and creative energy starting from their childhood, and then when they grow up, they are semi-disabled, almost helpless to cope in life on their own. And instead of helping the parent, who is a Being of Light, which is a part of their Mission, they are even a burden or harm to him. Or they part and self-destruct slowly and steadily or very fast. The story is always unhappy. And the illusion easily seizes them through their other 'close' family members or through the spouse, who is a representative of one of the networks of the illusion in almost all cases. And the play starts the same way again.

And this continues for millennia. But the time has come to put an end to all this. And now the Father One is the main playwright!

So, thank Him for everything – that all of you are Alive, Pure and Light, and your Health is slowly being restored by the Healing Angels every night on all levels, of all bodies, including all the psychological traumas of your earliest childhood until now! And it takes a long time for the Healing Angels to heal you at night. Invite them every time before going to sleep, and thank them when you wake up. A whole team of Healing Angels is attached to every one of you, and they work on you every night. It is good to keep this in mind and thank them so that they can work even better and help you recover even faster from all the harm you have suffered so far from all the closest representatives of the networks of the illusion.

Helena Ivanovna


* See Q&A 150 'Infidelity'.