Guidance from the Most Holy Mother of God

from 11 August 2020
(published on 15 August 2020)


Precious and dear children of Light, thank you for sending Me your Divine Love! Every day I watch over you with my angels, and I shower you with my Divine Love, and I rejoice in your successes.

Everyone, if he wants to be healthy, successful and more and more successful in his life and happy, needs to alternate between the types of work whenever possible. And to carefully choose his next work so that it is in balance with his main job during the day.

If a person's main job is in a sitting position all day, in his free time, it is best to do physical work outside according to his strength, capabilities and abilities – work that rejoices his soul after having worked for about an hour. And then his joy grows stronger the more he works.

If physical work is done all day with a lot of movement, no matter what and whether it is outside or indoors, in his free time, it would be best for the person to sit and do something quiet and gentle; the best is to do intellectual work – to write something, read, draw, learn a foreign language, etc.

In case the person’s main work is done mainly with one hand, for example with the right one, after the end of the main working hours, it is best to work with the other hand – the left one. The opposite is also true.

If you work in a building, your extra work is best outdoors and exposed to natural elements, albeit under a canopy if the sun is shining or it is rainy.

In case you work with children all day, in your free time, it is good to communicate with elderly people and give them respect and take from their wisdom and experience. And vice versa – if you take care of elderly people all day, in your free time, play with the children and read stories to them, and laugh with them and multiply your joy with theirs.

You already know what I mean. Work in such a way that you are in balance with the main work during the day. Do the same with everything else in your life. But whatever you do, the most important thing to be careful about is to do it without violating the Lord's Commandments and Laws!

The Most Holy Mother of God