Guidance from Lord Shiva

from 20 August 2020
(published on 21 August 2020)


All those who give Me their Divine Love and dedicate something to Me every day, even if it is a bow, but with all their hearts, I continue to protect you and watch over you, beloved! *

My Recommendation to you today is:

Become even more vigilant, awake and uncompromising in terms of self-discipline and your own enhancement, firming up and strengthening in Spirit, Soul and body every day and every hour!

The days of relaxation, rest and postponement are over.

Everything you do, do it at high speed, tight, i.e. without doing it simultaneously with something else in the illusion, in full concentration, the highest quality in terms of every detail and to the end!

This way you still have a chance to work off, through this creative strain on your spiritual muscles, more Divine qualities and virtues that you will need very much in the last time and half-time before the Great Transition into the World of the 6th race!


* See the Message by Lord Shiva from 22 March 2013.