Q & A 152

Expressing Gratitude to Higher Beings of Light

A question sent in Polish to the UNIFCATION website on 29 August 2020, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 1 September 2020


Question: Dear Father One, some time ago we were told not to thank the Beings of Light. And now I am reading a Thought given by Lord Shiva who said that a bow, for example, could be dedicated to him. But one should actually say ‘thank you’ in the bow. Therefore, I am asking whether it is permissible from Above to thank the Beings of Light.

Answer: What I have already given to you on 28 December 2016 in Q & A 2 ‘The most important thing for these times’ – to thank only Me – the Father One of this Universe, or My Presence – Presence of the One, or Lord Alpha – your Heavenly Father, or Lord Shiva – the Heavenly Father of quite a few Souls who are in incarnation on the planet since several thousand years ago they came to live and are now continuing their evolution on this planet, in the galaxy of Lord Alpha. Thus, all these people have two Heavenly Fathers – Lord Shiva, who is their original Heavenly Father, and Lord Alpha – the current one, during this incarnation and a number of previous ones on this planet. All these people feel especially close to Lord Shiva and have a great Love for Him.

You can also thank the Angels and Heavenly Archangels from the Heavenly Angelic Hierarchy of Light.

And to all other Beings of Light and Higher Beings of Light send Divine Love. In this case, when you bow to them, it is good to say in advance, for example, if you address Lord Surya:

Lord Surya, I Love You with all my heart and Soul, with all my Divine Love, and I am sending it to You here and now. I Bow before You, Lord Surya!

Bow in silence, directing your Divine Love to Lord Surya at that moment.

And right after that:

Thank You, dear Father One that Lord Surya (the name of the Higher Being of Light) is helping me so much with the Spiritual Practice of the White Road. (Here you should mention what this Higher Being of Light particularly helps you with, especially if you have specifically invited Him/Her, sincerely demanded and asked Him/Her to help you with something in a time of difficulty or to support you in any way when you needed it.)

I AM The Presence of the One