Guidance from Lord Shiva

given on 09 September 2020


I AM Shiva came on a waning moon on the 9th day of the 9th month to tell you how to end much of your hardship! And this can happen once you know what to do:

Work hard and more and more!

Work constantly and longer and longer!

Work nimbly and faster and faster!

This is the formula for your Salvation and survival in the time that is here and now, and even more so in the time to come.

When you work hard, constantly and at high speed,

1) the representatives of the networks of the illusion lack how to attach to you – to your aura, and put new harmful programmes, coding and blockages that prompt you to sin again and again, and in case there are any who have attached themselves, they disengage on their own;

2) the representatives of the networks of the illusion are incapable of injecting sleeping serum into your aura, and you remain fresh;

3) new brain connections are formed, and you become more dexterous, more far-seeing, more capable of everything, including thinking of what and how to do, so that it is in the best way from the Lord's point of view for you and all your close ones;

4) you accumulate good karma, which automatically transforms your negative karma if you happen to create such karma without even meaning it;

5) you accumulate and increase your creative energy, because part of your Good Karma is transformed into such energy of a higher kind when a certain sufficient amount is accumulated;

6) in the process of hard work, the negative stable states of consciousness and harmful habits are gradually transformed;

7) hard work, but without extreme fatigue, strengthens health at all levels of the 4 lower bodies. For example, the work of the endocrine glands is automatically regulated, and the hormonal balance is restored.

8) etc.

There is a lot of other extremely good news that you will find out yourselves when they happen to you after starting to work as I recommended. This is the most important characteristic of this section of the Road that you have reached and you are about to go here and now and in the time to come!

Lord Shiva