Q & A 151


A question sent in Polish to the UNIFICATION website on 29 August 2020, and its answer given by the Presence of the One on 9 September 2020


Question: Dear Father One, I would like to ask for what purpose it was given to Beloved John to see all this and write the Apocalypse since he himself did not understand what he saw, and no one reading this book understands what it is about and what that means.

In fact, most prophecies are written and formulated in such a way that it is not clear what they mean. And readers think they are very incomprehensible. So, dear Father One, please explain what the point is of writing and prophesying something that no one then understands?

Thank You for the answer.

Answer: It was quite clear to John what he saw and what the meaning of it was, but he was dictated from Above in what words to wrap what he saw so that the obvious would remain hidden and coded until the times, time and half-time came when it would become clear to everybody. And now that it is still hard to be understood, it is only a sign that the time is yet to come. Because if people now understood what it was about, it would be very unlikely to happen at all or if it happened, the illusion would prevent it from happening in the best way!

And if it had been clear from the beginning, by now this text in the translations would have been changed many times beyond recognition by representatives of the networks of illusion! And when the time of its fulfilment had come, it would not have even been felt by people, and they wouldn’t have been warned and wouldn’t have known what to do and how to prepare to survive!

And so, as no one has understood it, it has been very accurately translated, without changing a single word in it, and it has come to you without any changes during the two millennia since it was received.

And the text has survived!

The Word of the Lord in the text has also survived!

Thus, the energetic component of the Word of the Lord has survived as well, through which Help is given from Above when the time of fulfilment of the Prophecy comes, which is the most important!

So it is with most other Prophecies given from Above to the Prophets through the ages.

I AM The Presence of the One