given on 12 September 2020


I AM the Buddha of the Universe,

I AM one of the Elohims of the Father One, as Elohim Peace, only He is the strongest Elohim of us all. I lead the Hierarchy of Light of the Buddhas at the Universal Level. I rarely appear to anyone on the planet RAIMA, and now this is one of the exceptions in fulfillment of the Programme given by the Father One to receive an Icon and Guidance from some Higher Beings of Light to help and support you in this moment and in the future – to all people on this planet who belong to the Living Life and have Living, Light and Pure Souls.

My position in the Hierarchy of Light corresponds to the energy saturation of My Icon, which I gave and it was very successfully received by Rositsa Avela. Hence, you always need to take care of your attunement before looking at My Icon. Make sure you are extremely Harmonious, Calm and Peaceful both while looking at My Icon and afterward. Also make sure as soon as you have finished looking at My Icon, to first send Me your Divine Love and give Me a bow, and immediately after that to send the received energy to Your Higher Self*.

I recommend you to use, i.e. look at, My Icon only in the most extreme cases of need, when you need to get the most help! Because you will get it.

With uploading My Icon on the UNIFICATION website you have just received something great! I mean in terms of energy. I have given you as a Gift to receive more energy each while watching My Icon, which, however, should serve you in extreme cases of need. Because this is energy of the highest order, with great concentration and is one of the energies with the greatest Strength and Power. Preserve it carefully, be without wasting it and use it only in the most difficult and critical moments in life. Then remember that you have My Icon and look at it. But before that, invite Me, sincerely wish and ask Me to give you help, explaining to Me what the situation is with you and leave it in My hands to determine exactly what help to give you and how!

And whatever happens after that, accept it with your greatest Gratitude and Divine Love for Me and for the Father One, because you will be lacking the idea of what you have freed/saved yourself from or survived!

And what I told you now, do it with exceptional precision in every detail! This is a particularly important condition for the help to be successful, and also, in principle, for any help you receive to be successful! Practice this skill to perfection! You will need it a lot in the future.

What you have just learned also applies to the viewing and use of energy from all other Icons given by the Higher Beings of Light on the UNIFICATION website. And you need to keep in mind that the energy saturation, Strength and Power of the Icons of these Higher Beings of Light are also according to their position in the Hierarchy of Light.

I AM the Buddha of the Universe, I came, I gave and I said.


под линия

* See in Part Work in Spirituality, in Sub-part Invocations and Word-formulas, in ‘Invocations for specific occasions’ – ‘Invocation for saying immediately after the end of any work in spirituality’ by Buddha Vairochana, 2 June 2015