Question and Answer about the Title of Melchisedech

A question sent in Polish to the UNIFICATION website on 29 August 2020, and its answer given by the Presence of the One on 9 September 2020


A question asked by Rositsa Avela on 3 August 2020: Dear Father One, how shall we entitle Melchisedech on the website, e.g. in the caption of His Icon, the Thoughts given by Him, etc.? What is His title – Lord, Master, Elohim or something else and what?

Answer from the Father One given on 20 September 2020: Melchisedech is a Higher Being of Light with the rank of Lord; He is Master of the 13th secret ray and Head of the Order of the Higher Beings of Light Initiated to this ray; He is Elohim of Lord Alpha, and He does a lot more other work and has the corresponding degrees and titles, which are in silence in regard to the humanity on this planet in the state in which it is at the moment as a whole.