Guidance by the Goddess of Divine Freedom

with Lord Alpha

from 27 September 2020


I AM the Goddess of Divine Freedom.

Your time is really valuable and is running out at an ever-increasing speed. Therefore, you need to learn and apply the following Rule to perfection if you want to be successful in life:

Get Free from everything that prevents you from doing the job that is of the highest priority and that is the most important on that day of all the work that awaits you.

Thus, your success rate rises sharply, and your day becomes successful from the very beginning, you are happy with yourself, your Soul is light and joyful.

That is how you succeed and progress!

Always do so, every day, without missing a single opportunity to advance in this most important activity.

Get Free from everything that comes second and third in importance in your life and work! Get Free from all desires to do anything else and work only on the matters of first importance. Because desires are most often illusory, and a representative of some network of illusion is sending you these impulses.

When you have a deadline to do something, and you see that day after day you are late with the realisation, you can only catch up by leaving everything else aside, without paying any attention to it, and getting Free from desires – your own and anyone else’s, in relation to anything.

I would be very happy if you could do that!

I am ready to support you in case you invite me, sincerely wish and ask me to support you in this activity of clearing your Path from those who hinder you so that your time is Free and you use it only in relation to your most important job and nothing else.

This applies both to your work in materiality and your work in spirituality – an example is to be able to do your spiritual practices early in the morning, before all the most important things in materiality!

The Goddess of Divine Freedom