Guidance by Guan Yin

given on 28 September 2020


I AM Guan Yin.

I want to tell you so many things!

I AM often come to help all of you who are with Living, Bright and Pure Souls and can accept my help. I support you in difficult times when you need help, and you have asked the Lord for it. The Lord has given me permission to intervene and help you at such times.

And in case you yourself begin to invite Me to help and send me your Divine Love, the help will be even greater because the Divine multiplication will be enforced since we both want the same thing – you need help, and I want and can give it to you, by the Great Mercy of the Father!

Beloved Light Beings, I want to tell you to show your Divine Love in your relationship with each other! The more, the better! Every Light Soul in incarnation at the moment on the planet is beautiful, sensitive, more vulnerable, and has suffered many blows from the representatives of the illusion in its current incarnation. What can I tell you, you are all in this group – veterans, who have suffered so many blows and wounds from the representatives of the illusion!

And you have survived by the Lord's Will and Permission!

Take care of each other and be Merciful and Compassionate to each other, and take care of your close ones much more than you would want someone to take care of you! Then the scales will be balanced, and you will receive the due care. Yes, because almost every one of you has had a moment when he was without Mercy and Compassion in this incarnation and / or in previous ones, and now it is necessary to manifest these Divine qualities more than any other time in order to balance the scales and to begin to receive them again from his close people!

My most important Guidance to each of you is:

When you lack something and you need it, and you want to get it from others – such as quality, attention, care, Divine Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, food, clothes, money,…, give from what you lack everything that you have and can give and that you are capable of in this regard! Give it extremely intensely, no matter how little you have – it is little because some time in the past, you yourself missed to give when you were asked to do so when you had it, and you were burdened, and now your balance between giving and receiving the given thing is disturbed. The best and fastest way to restore this balance and to have it in the future is when you start giving to your close ones as much as you have and as much as you can – that much, but everything, to the end! And it will come to you again in return, and give it again to those who need it, even if you need it much more than them!!!

And go on like this day after day.

And at the same time, repent before the Lord and ask for His Forgiveness – do the Spiritual Practice ‘Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps’ every day regarding the thing that you have little of and you lack.

Do this work in Spirituality and support it with work in materiality that you dedicate to the Lord in advance, before you start doing it.

So, when you help, you can get even more help afterward! Because this is the Rule of the Father One. Follow it, and you will be better and better, and you will feel at some point that you are without lacking anything, and you are full, overfilled, over the top both in the Soul and in the bag, i.e. you have plenty of everything you need both in the Spiritual realm and in materiality, always and at the right moment when you need something!

Guan Yin