Gift – Blessing by the Father One

on the occasion of the 10th birthday of the UNIFICATION website, given on 8 October 2020


I AM the Father One.

My Beloved children of Light, Happy 10th birthday of the UNIFICATION website!

I AM the Father One Bless every person with a Living, Bright and Pure Soul

1) to be able to stop judging and condemning (1) him/herself; (2) his/her close ones, and (3) everyone else. This would be very helpful. At all levels, at all Times, Time, Halftime and after that!

2) to stop the manifestations of any other negativity, including aggression, desire for violence, anger, irritation, lack of Divine Love, jealousy, etc.

3) to intensify the Divine Love in himself more and more with each passing day, directing it to his close people more and more often, every day, and to direct it in space also to all Living beings from the Light network, to the God in himself – i.e. to his Higher self.


Message-Picture – Gift from the Father One

on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the UNIFICATION website

Dear friends, according to the instructions given by the Father One, it will be possible to scan and upload the Message-Picture – Gift right below this one on the website at least 1 month after its acceptance, on the exact day when the Father One indicates.

It is best until then, whoever wishes to do so, to thank the Father One every day for these two Gifts, which He by His Great Mercy gave us all – the above Blessing and the Message-Picture, and to give Him his Divine Love.