Q & A 153

Whose son is Jesus?

Question sent in English to the UNIFICATION website on 16 October 2020, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 06 November 2020


Question: Dear Father One, I have a question about Question & Answer 152. Many people around the world love Jesus very much. In the Bible, the Lord calls him His Beloved son. Is it possible to know who the Father of Jesus is? Lord Alpha, Lord Shiva, or perhaps He is Your son?

Answer: I AM the Father One am the original Lord God Originator and Creator of everything in this universe and of all Living Beings who are in the Light Network. Therefore, I am the Father of both Jesus and each of you. But the Father of the Galaxy in which every Divine Light Being went to incarnate for the first time when the time for this came, became the first main Father of this Soul. In His galaxy, it most often incarnates and evolves. He is its main Father.

In the case of Jesus, I AM the Father One am the original Father-Creator of His Lord's spark. Then, his first incarnation and a long series of many other incarnations were in the Galaxy of Lord Shiva.

But Jesus came in incarnation on the planet RAIMA / Earth, here among you, by My Command and permission and with the consent of Lord Shiva and Lord Alpha. And when He was born in a human body on your planet, His Father became Lord Alpha. Each of us – I AM the Father One, Lord Shiva and Lord Alpha, has every right and can call him His son and each time the address in the Holy Scriptures can be to one of the three of Us.

I AM Presence of the One