Q & A 155

Prayer for the 23rd day of the month

Question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 24 December 2020


Question by Rositsa Avela: Dear Father One, in connection with Thought 87 given on 23.12.2020 by Lord Surya, is it necessary to correct the text of the Prayer by Lord Shiva to be said on the 23rd day of each month?

Answer: Yes. The time is over for each person to turn into Light the negative karma of his homeland and the native people. In place of this line, put the new one, just as Lord Surya said in the Thought He gave you. And change the order of the lines. This situation is a novelty on the occasion of a decision of the Supreme Space Council of the Great Central Sun, adopted by the Karmic Council of the planet RAIMA. This decision is already in force – it has been effective since 23.12.2020 after Lord Surya announced it to you through the Thought of the day.

All kinds of karmic transformation into Light, given in the Message by Lord Surya, have already become irrelevant, and only what Lord Surya gave in the Thought from 23.12.2020 remains:

1) personally to the one who reads the Prayer and dedicates his work to his own cleansing from negative karma, as well as from
blue-dotharmful programmes, encodings and blockages,
blue-dotbad habits and
blue-dotpersistent negative states of consciousness
and from their harmful fruit and consequences (of the three groups), which is also a novelty;

2) concerning the same cleansing as in the first point of one or two more people close to the person who reads the Prayer on the 23rd day of the month
blue-dotwho wish this cleansing
blue-dotand seek to correct themselves,
blue-dotand try to follow My Commandments and Rules,
blue-dotand fulfil, as much as they can, what is given in the Teaching that you have been receiving from Me – the Father One, and from the other Higher Beings of Light from the Higher octaves of Light;

3) regarding the karmic cleansing of the planet RAIMA and of all Living Beings on it from the automatically assumed negative karma of humanity;

4) and regarding the karmic cleansing of all other people with Living, Bright and Pure Souls, of all their bodies, at all levels.

I AM Presence of the One: