Guidance by Portia – Goddess of Divine Justice

from 28 December 2020


I AM Portia.

The topic of today’s Guidance of mine is Divine Justice.

The Lord's Commandments and Laws need to be strictly followed if a person is without the desire to have to deal with human justice on the material plane.

Because when a person is in disobedience to the Lord's Commandments and Laws, he will inevitably have to deal with human justice in his life, i.e. he is without any chance to get past it.

And in case the trouble with human justice is evaded by deception, then it is the worst because ahead in his life, he will have to pay all debts with huge interest! This takes the form of all kinds of misfortunes that lead to the loss of valuable to the person resources/things/position in society/professional status, etc.

If a person has harmed someone's health and has been bypassed by human justice, he will have a very hard time paying back through losing his own health.

The same goes for money, family relationships and everything else. For example, if someone commits a crime according to the Lord's Law and kills someone else or hurts him in any way, if that person is a woman, especially if she is his beloved, or if he is married – his own wife, or his mother, even in his current incarnation this man will be deprived of a daughter, and only sons will be born to him, and if he already has a daughter, it is very likely that something will happen to her, and she will either die very young or will be very unhappy in her life after that!

And the opposite is also true – when someone sins and violates the Lord's Commandments and Laws and kills or injures a man in any way, then he will be without sons, and only daughters will be born to him, and if he has had a son or sons, they, and especially the firstborn one, will pay for the sins of their parent either by early death or by an unhappy life.

And then such families and kins, if they are without having paid off for the respective sin/crime, the next generations, i.e. their descendants, also have to pay. And usually, in such kins, all the living children of that parent have only sons or only daughters, as well as their children, etc., until this ancestral karma is transmuted.

And if a person harms both men and women, he remains 100% infertile and is without any children of his own afterwards. And if he has already had children, then they are infertile, and such kin dies.

The same is true for all other areas of life.

When a person steals something from someone and has escaped human justice, he then pays off through large losses – financial, of property, valuables – people steal from him, cheat him in his life, him or other family members, which ruins him financially. And this continues until he pays off all his debts with interest. And what he loses is given to the victim in energy. And then happiness smiles on the victim because he is compensated from Above and receives not only what was unjustly lost/taken away, but also much more – with all the interests, according to what God decides!

So, beloved children of Light, do you want
blue-dotto be healthy, successful, prosperous and happy in life – you and your closest relatives,
blue-dotand the whole kin of which you are the fathers to prosper,
blue-dotand all your descendants to honour, respect and remember you with good,
be Virtuous!

And teach your children to be like that, even if you teach them indirectly. You will teach them through the example of your whole life – all your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to be virtuous. Because this achievement of yours will be passed on to them at the subtle level, on the subtle plane. And they will easily follow it and repeat it in their lives.