Q & A 154

Help and support

Question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 30 December 2020


Question: Dear Father One, it made an impression on me that when someone comes and says that he is coming to help me, in most cases, it happens that he harms. Is there a problem with the use of the words 'help' (noun) and 'help' (verb), and what is it? Is it good from your point of view, dear Father One, to replace them with the words 'support' (noun) and 'support' (verb)? Is this a local problem, or is it global, concerning all Beings of Light who have come in incarnation?

Answer: Yes, there is a problem, quite a big one! And the Living, Bright and Pure Souls who have come in incarnation quite often encounter this problem.

The Representatives of the networks of illusion provide help, and afterwards, they want much more for it, with interest rates that are very high!

Thus, the Representatives of the networks of illusion enslave the Bright Souls and make them their donors after they have already lost their ability to deal with life and with the problems in life on their own. Some people go so far as not to be able to choose even one garment or shoes without the husband/wife telling them exactly what to buy!

The word that is good and without being dangerous is the word 'support. It means that a person can manage himself, but at some point, he may need a hand to get better or faster or more qualitative results, i.e. to further improve through the support received.

Help is given to a person who cannot manage on his own! And quite often, after being helped, he becomes even less able to cope, because help means that the other one is to do what the person cannot do, and he remains obliged if he is without paying back his debt. And this is usually exactly what happens because it is impossible for a person to be aware of the tariffs of the representatives of the networks of illusion unless they conclude a contract in advance in which it is specifically agreed what the one who helps wants to receive in return!

Very often, however, in such cases, the people who help say that they are without wanting anything. And the person remains indebted to them and then pays off on the subtle plane with his energy, his health, his luck, the skills he has, etc. – with his Well-being!

Help is from the illusion, and it is conditional – one always owes for it.

Support is selfless and unconditional – it is teamwork, giving a hand. And then in his life, the person of his own free will, in turn, does the same or a similar thing to another person and gives him his support. These are relationships in the Network of Light between Beings of Light.

And yes, this is a global problem for all Beings of Light embodied on this planet.

When you turn to the Higher Octaves of Light, even if you ask for help, it is given to you, but it is conditional – for it, one is obliged to correct oneself, to stop one's vices, the lack of fulfilment of the Lord's Commandments and Laws), to return to the Network of Light, etc. And in case the person is without correcting himself, i.e. he is without paying off his debt, the next time he asks for help, he will be without anyone to hear him and give it to him!

And when a person does something, tries to get rid of a vice, for example of talking a lot and unnecessarily, and he asks for support, it is given to him so that he is successful in his efforts, i.e. the person does everything in his power, but something is not enough for him, and it is added to him, and then it happens so in his life that he also supports someone else, and so the scales are balanced!


'Help, I'm drowning!' – i.e. there is nothing a man can do for himself, he is unable to swim, and all the rescue work is done by someone else/others.

'Lord, support me to reach the shore!' – when a person can swim and tries to save himself, but he is a little short of something.

'Lord, strengthen my muscles so that I can deal with the problem!' – when a person needs a hand as support, but at the right moment when he needs it!

The difference is very big!

The lesson is to stay on land when one is unable to swim; to cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth, i.e. to live so that one can survive on his own and cope as much as he can and as far as he can! But to preserve his dignity and thank the Lord for everything so that every next time he will be helped from Above more and more. And one should be without falling into addictions and debts.

I AM The Presence of the One


Q & A 156

Help and Support – Addition 1

A question asked in Polish on the UNIFICATION website on 23 January 2021, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 28 January 2021


Question: Dear Father One, my question is in connection with Q&A 154 'Help and Support'. What happens when a person asks us to help or support him, and we do it without being given anything in return because we have refused to be paid?
For example, my neighbour came to ask me to help his whole family – they have two young children, their car slipped off the road and got stuck, and they couldn’t go home, high up in the mountains. I drove them away in the jeep, and he asked to pay for my fuel, but I refused him because I wanted my help to be unconditional, and I was glad I did something good.
But if my neighbours are representatives of some networks of the illusion, is there any connection between us now, and if so, what can I do to end it? How can I mend the situation?
Thank you with all my heart and Soul for the answer, and I send You, Lord, my Divine Love.

Answer: When the support or help is given, and the work is done, it is best for the person who asked for this support or help to pay the person who gave it to him, because it is right so that he is without being in debt and then be energetically connected with the person who helped him and pay in energy without being aware of how much and how!

And it is equally important that the person who has agreed to give his help or support accepts what is offered to him. And in case he refuses to accept material compensation because the one who offers it to him is weaker financially than him, then it is best for the person who gave the support or help, after refusing the payment*, to give anyway the chance to the other one to pay off his debt with a blessing:

'Thank you very much for supporting me/for helping me in a difficult time!

May God bless you, as He decides, according to His Holy Will!'

In case more than one person has been helped, for example, the whole family, it is best for all of them, along with their children, to be involved in this blessing to the one who has supported/helped them.

And so be it every time! This is very good from My point of view in terms of both parties – both the one who gives his support/help and the one who needs it!

The person who gave the support (help) may have refused the payment because he was unaware that he was creating an energy connection between himself and those he supported. Once the situation is over, it is best to do the following – as soon as possible to ask his neighbour to do something small and support him with some small favour so that the scales will balance, and he will break the energy connection with their family.

I AM Presence of the One



* Explanation: The person who gave the support or help can say:

'It is needless for you to offer me money, but you can bless me like this:

May God bless you, as He decides, according to His Holy Will!'

The blessing is extremely short, easy to remember, and it is very important to say every word in it exactly as it was given by the Father One.