Guidance by Master Hilarion

from 30 December 2020


I AM Hilarion.

My Guidance applies to all people with Living, Bright and Pure Souls who are currently embodied on the planet RАIMA (Earth).

When a person's health deteriorates, there is always a cause and a root cause.

1. The cause is apparent, and everyone can guess what is wrong in terms of their diet, clothing, tempering, physical activity, attitude to life, to people, in terms of their thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, etc.

And as he looks deep in himself, it becomes clear to him, i.e. it enlightens him, what he could do to fix it. And when asking for help from Above to say what he gives in return so that he may be healed. He needs to make a vow. For example:

'Lord, heal me from ….., and I vow to You that I will stop smoking from this moment on while I am in this incarnation! '

Or to say that he will stop drinking alcohol, being rude to his close people, talking too much unnecessarily, gossiping, spreading rumours, lying, stealing, being lazy, cheating on his wife/her husband, etc. – any other weakness/vice/bad habit, etc. – whatever one decides and is aware that he/she is wrong doing this thing.

2. The root cause, however, is the one that is fundamental and which one could only learn if he is clearly seeing and hearing or if he has a Master from the Light Network who is incarnate and assists and guides his Spiritual progress and can communicate it to him.

The only way for the person to be healed 100% is by removing the root cause through the person's deep, sincere and complete Repentance, with all one's heart and Soul, to the Lord and the Lord to forgive him and absolve him of his sins 100%!

And if the person has said, for example, 'Heal me, Lord, and I will stop smoking, ' and is healed on the physical level but has missed repenting before the Lord about the root cause of the disease – even if he lacks the knowledge on how he has sinned, i.e. he has failed to make general repentance before the Lord in respect of all that he has sinned in all his incarnations so far, and he is now sick and suffering from …, then, in case he starts smoking again, though after years, and violates the vow he has given before the Lord, this same kind of disease will immediately return to his material body and will even be much worse, i.e. it will return to him with interest, as the person will be additionally burdened with negative karma towards the Lord from the violation/lack of fulfilment of his vow!

And when a person passes the mortal danger, then this is a clear signal from Above that he is given a second chance to start his life pure in front of the Lord. And that the time has come for him to turn to the Light, to return to the Light Network from which he originates, and in the future, to be good-fruitful in his thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, and in fulfilment of the Lord's Commandments and Laws. He is given a new plan of life to become a new person, one of the People of the New Age in the World of the 6th human race, where, according to the Lord's Providence, the human evolution of this planet is to continue.

And if a person ignores this signal and continues to live viciously in the old way, after a certain time, another incident, cataclysm/disaster, illness, etc. will follow through which his incarnation, in which he has gone to perdition, will cease to save his Soul as a matter of urgency while this can still happen!

And that is the best thing at that moment. Because the Lord in His Infinite Mercy saves what can be saved, even at the last possible moment.

Master Hilarion